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What is Addiction?

Addiction is defined as a powerful urge to repeat behaviours and actions despite the negative impact that that certain behaviour is having on your health, relationships, and finances to name a few. It can affect people of all ages – no matter their background, lifestyle, or gender. It’s also classed as a serious health condition which means that it often requires medication as well as guidance from trained professionals in residential rehab in order to overcome it.

There are lots of different types of addiction including behavioural addictions like gambling, gaming and shopping. Substance addictions include alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs.

Some of the most common symptoms of addiction include:

  • Disregarding the negative impact of the certain behaviour
  • Continuing to use the substance or behave in a certain way despite pleas from friends and family
  • Wanting to stop but suffering from cravings and withdrawal symptoms
  • Going to extreme lengths to get the substance or to behave in a certain way

These aren’t the only symptoms of addiction. There is also what’s known as functioning addiction which is where someone appears to be in control of their life and substance use. However, it’s important to remember that addiction can have serious consequences which is why it’s wise to seek help for either yourself or help for a loved one if you’re concerned.


Drug and Alcohol Rehab Clevedon

Situated in North Somerset, those in Clevedon have access to a wide range of leading drug and alcohol rehab clinics thanks to Addiction Advocates. Not only do we work with CQC-registered centres which means individuals can trust that they’ll receive the highest quality of care but our team is here to help individuals to find the treatment centre that best suits their needs and preferences.

Every rehab centre is different but they typically use a combination of therapy to treat physical and psychological symptoms of addiction. This includes cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical therapy, counselling sessions and creative therapy. Wellbeing, nutrition and yoga sessions are also designed to help individuals to carve out new and healthier habits.

As well as this, individuals will be given everything they need for aftercare and relapse prevention as well as information for local support groups. Many of our centres even offer a year of free aftercare to help you to get back into the community. Treatment is also provided in group and individual settings to help create a collaborative community where people feel safe to talk and can learn from each other.

When it comes to addiction recovery in Clevedon, there are two main types: inpatient and outpatient. Inpatient is where individuals are required to stay on-site for the duration of their treatment and outpatient is where individuals receive treatment and then return home.

The decision of which treatment is best is down to you as an individual and your family but our team is here to help you to weigh up your options. Some experts believe that inpatient treatment offers the best chance of long-term recovery. This is because it allows individuals much-needed time away from influence and temptation meaning they can focus on their recovery.


What is a Medically Assisted Detox?

One of the biggest advantages of going to rehab is that individuals have access to a medically assisted detox. Detoxing from the drug or alcohol is essential before anyone starts rehab treatment.

It’s the process of the substance leaving the body and the chemical levels returning back to normal. Often, it can result in a number of side effects and withdrawal symptoms including stomach concerns, cold and flu-like symptoms, sweating, muscle pain and mental health issues.

Lots of people try to detox at home, and you might have done so too. However, these side effects can make it very difficult to complete. In some cases, without monitoring, these side effects can even become dangerous. As part of a drug or alcohol detox in rehab though, a team of medical professionals will be on hand to offer support, guidance and medication if necessary. The whole process can take up to a week but, once complete, individuals are ready to begin treatment.


How We Can Help

At Addiction Advocates, our friendly advisors are all experienced in addiction and recovery. We know how scary it can be – whether you’re the individual suffering from the addiction or a family member or friend. Plus, we understand that choosing to go to rehab can be a daunting decision. That’s why we’re determined to make finding the right addiction recovery centre easy and stress-free.

Our phone line is always open – whether you have a question, want to know all of the options or just want someone to listen. We get to know everyone involved, ask about your fears, discuss your goals and discover what you want out of treatment and recovery.

Armed with this knowledge, we can then recommend one of our leading CQC addiction rehab centres. Our interventions and referrals have also helped lots of families to get back on track. So, whether you’re ready to get onto the path to recovery or just want to weigh up your options, why not take the first step today? We promise we’ll always be with you.

Fill out our contact form or call us on 0800 012 6088.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to pick the right treatment centre?
Picking the right drug and alcohol addiction treatment centre can be difficult. To ensure that a suitable treatment centre is located at Addiction Advocates, we conduct a pre-admissions assessment. This assessment enables us to review factors such as your budget, your recovery needs, the severity of your addiction and the physical and psychological side effects you experience into consideration prior to recommending a treatment centre that we believe will support you best.
How can you talk to someone with a drug or alcohol addiction?
It’s never an easy conversation to have for either party involved, but it’s such an important one to be had. The person suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction will likely find it much more difficult to talk about than you will, so it’s important to remember this before beginning the conversation. The best thing to do is firstly make sure you’ve done your research on drug and alcohol addiction. This will enable you to correctly discuss the symptoms and behaviours that your loved one is experiencing and allows you to effectively talk about treatment options at a drug and alcohol rehab.
What happens once you’ve completed rehab?
Typically, drug and alcohol rehab can take around 28 days to complete a comprehensive programme. Once you’ve completed your rehabilitation treatment, you will return home to continue your recovery with the support of our dedicated aftercare team. Just like your rehab treatment programme, your aftercare plan will also be tailored to suit your needs and your unique situation back at home. We will provide you with all of the tools and support you require to continue along a successful road to recovery.