Alcohol consumption in Bahrain is moderately relaxed. Within hospitality premises, it’s legal for non-Muslims to consume alcohol. Yet outside of those areas, alcohol consumption and abuse are illegal. Drug use is also an illegal act, resulting in penalties for those who abuse such regulations.

Whilst there are strict rules in place, substance abuse rates are still high in the Middle East. The challenge is, is that support and treatment are lacking, due to the negative outlooks of consumption. Addiction is in fact seen as a choice, rather than a health condition, carrying many damaging stereotypes.

In situations like this, here at Addiction Advocates, we’ve helped many locals find respite and support outside of Bahrain. Offering referrals over to UK private rehab clinics, we can help you recover in a safe and compassionate environment.

By completing our admissions process, we can help you overlook a drug and alcohol rehab in Bahrain, by instead experiencing inpatient care, abroad. Reach out to begin the admissions process, to privately recover in the best possible environment.

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Recovering in Bahrain

It’s understandable if you’re struggling to find local support. It’s also justifiable if you’d prefer to look elsewhere, beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in Bahrain.

The stigma on addiction is strong across the Middle East, meaning that it’s not only difficult to find help, but also challenging to accept it. Due to this, many people are looking abroad for support and the opportunity to recover.

You can do the same with our help at Addiction Advocates, as we have a number of UK rehab clinics, ready for your referral. By arranging your transport from Bahrain, completing your admission, and planning your personal recovery programme, we can help you with your next steps.

Recovering locally may feel impossible. Yet by committing to a UK referral, addiction recovery can become a possibility. Reach out to begin your confidential admission into drug and alcohol rehab.


What happens through the Admissions Process?

The admissions process is where we will collect useful information about your addiction and personal needs. All information will remain confidential and will only be used to benefit your recovery experience.

Via a telephone assessment, we can start your admission, by getting to know your requirements. We will respect your budget, the amount of time that you have to recover, and your outlooks on addiction recovery. Your daily needs will also be accounted for, to ensure that your private rehab programme is comfortable and convenient.

The next step of the process will focus on your referral. By searching through our existing affiliation, we will select a suitable rehab clinic that can prioritise your needs. Everything from the type of treatment that you require to the commitment that you can make will be considered.

With a plan of action in place, we can set your admission date, request your deposit, and move you one step closer to sobriety.


How does Inpatient Rehab unfold?

Via a referral, an inpatient rehab programme will be recommended. This will be best, to provide you with 24/7 support and guidance through the rehab process.

An inpatient programme will last over 30 days, which you’ll complete by checking into a private rehab clinic. You’ll work through a tailored programme, structured around your needs.

Your programme will include a range of treatments and therapies, along with additional services to support your recovery. All sessions will be observed and assisted by your own dedicated team, in place to protect your wellbeing and to offer guidance throughout.

An addiction recovery designed environment will be provided, where you’ll feel safe and comfortable. You’ll have your own private space, along with areas suitable for any group sessions. Facilities will also be of high quality to help you encounter a smooth and effective recovery journey.

Inpatient rehab is structured with progress in mind. The 30 days will be broken down into key milestones, helping you withdraw, stabilise, recover, and plan. All can be achieved proactively, ready for your return to Bahrain.


Addiction Treatments and Therapies

Through our services, we will recommend suitable treatment and therapy options. Recommendations will be formed by prioritising your needs. For example, the safest forms of treatment will be considered for your health.

There are some treatments and therapies which are regularly completed, as they are highly effective when treating addiction. You can expect to complete them, including drug and alcohol detoxification, cognitive behavioural therapy, individual therapy, group therapy and relapse prevention planning.

Based on your needs, alternative treatments will also be available to both ease and elevate your recovery process. A completed inpatient programme will set you up for sobriety, ongoing recovery, and aftercare, back in your local area.

If you’d prefer to complete this process via a drug and alcohol rehab in Bahrain, reach out to our team. We can still assist with local referrals. Yet to overcome any challenges, we’re also equipped to offer UK referrals into a private rehab.

Contact our team to begin the admissions process into a private rehab.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are withdrawal symptoms?
Withdrawal symptoms are your body’s reaction to detoxification. Detoxification is where drugs and alcohol are eliminated from the body to reduce urges and cravings. Symptoms are known to display as the internal build-up reduces. Physical symptoms such as nausea, flu-like symptoms and cravings can occur, including psychological symptoms of insomnia, depression, and paranoia. Symptoms can be managed through a medically assisted detox.
What type of emotional support is available?
Emotional support is important through addiction recovery. Via a private rehab, therapy will be very helpful, to overcome the impacts of addiction. Mental health support will also be available, to work through any signs of depression, anxiety, or further conditions.
How long is the Recovery Process?
The initial recovery process will either follow the length of inpatient rehab, which is 30 days, or outpatient rehab, which is a few months. Yet full recovery is an ongoing commitment, which you’ll prepare for through rehab.