Living with a drug and alcohol addiction can feel extremely overwhelming and complex to put into words. This will be down to the multifaceted presence of addiction, influencing many different physical and psychological changes, side effects and results.

While drug and alcohol consumption itself is complex, while the condition of addiction is complex, completing your admission into rehab needn’t be. At Addiction Advocates, we aim to make your rehabilitation admission as seamless as possible, helping you soon begin your own personal rehab programme.

Completing this process, alone, can be challenging, as there are a vast number of different rehabilitation options to consider, carrying large decisions. While decisions will be down to you, while your best interest will be at heart, having the guidance and support of rehab referral specialists, at this time will be comforting.

You can start the process today by simply contacting our team. We will be here, waiting for you, in place to begin your road to finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Horsham, boasting suitability.


Start the process by selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Horsham

The first step to a seamless rehab admission will be to contact our team. For some, this will be easy, where acknowledgement of their drug and alcohol addiction has already been made.

However, for others, we appreciate how taking this step can feel daunting, where your problem with drugs and alcohol will soon be exposed to a stranger. Yet, please do not see our team as strangers, as we are compassionate, non-judgmental and here to truly benefit your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.

From here, once we’ve learnt about you as a person, and your experiences with drugs and alcohol, we will push ahead with a confidential pre-admission assessment. This assessment is very important, helping to gauge the exact level and type of addiction treatment, of rehab, of environments you require to recover safely and sustainably.

Information will then be condensed, driving our rehab recommendations, soon finding you a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Horsham to call home. As there are a number of different options when considering drug and alcohol rehabilitation, we will also offer recommendations for the delivery of rehab, along with addiction treatment services.

Your admission date will then be set, you’ll complete a final assessment to secure your readiness, and if so, your addiction treatment sessions will begin.

While selecting the most convenient drug and alcohol rehab in Horsham may feel like the best idea, although your admission maybe sooner, your rehab experience may be unsuitable. Suitability is key when withdrawing from drugs and alcohol. Secure this through a thorough, personal admission into drug and alcohol rehab.


Commence recovery with drug and alcohol detoxification

Once your admission has been completed, rehab itself can become a little more complex. This will be down to the fact that all clients respond differently to addiction treatment and rehab as a whole. Yet, through using our initial services, and selecting one of our reputable affiliated rehab clinics, those complexities will be diminished through the formation of a personal rehab programme.

However, before addiction treatment recommendations are activated, in most cases, recovery will commence via drug and alcohol detoxification. This is the process of removing drug and alcohol traces from the body, ultimately placing it into a state of shock, influencing withdrawal symptoms.

Yet, through rehab, medical detox will be provided, where consumption will slowly be reduced, ensuring that significant shock is avoided.


Rehabilitate through addiction treatment

Next up, once you’ve withdrawn physically from drugs and alcohol, the rehabilitation step will begin through therapeutic methods of addiction treatment. Here’s where your personal rehab programme will be followed, ensuring that the exact causation, trigger and symptom of addiction are tackled.

Common addiction treatment options which are used to promote psychological rehabilitation include:

  • Stress management is in place to support clients with future coping strategies. Stress is a common causation of addiction. This must be controlled to avoid future drug and alcohol relapse.
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy is used to revert outlooks and fixations on drugs and alcohol. Many users will use addictive substances as a psychological crutch. Through CBT, it’s time to break that crutch, seeing substance abuse for what it is.
  • Art therapy is in place to support clients who struggle to share their emotions. Our affiliated rehab clinics understand how some clients find it difficult to open up about causations, fuelling initial drug and alcohol consumption. Down to this, art therapy can provide a physical way to release those emotions and associations.
  • Therapy will be a highly utilised addiction treatment via your selected drug and alcohol rehab in Horsham. This will be on offer through group, family and individual settings to build understanding, accountability and support.
  • Relapse prevention is the process of reducing relapse risks, ultimately on a return home to Horsham. As risks will be present, you’ll have a relapse prevention plan to follow and use in the event of drug and alcohol cravings.
  • Dual-diagnosis treatment is recommended for those who suffer from mental health issues. A depth of mental health treatment services will be recommended for all to promote psychological healing.


While your mix of addiction treatment recommendations may deviate, there’s a strong likelihood that some of the above will be encouraged. Through this approach, physical and psychological addiction recovery will be aimed for, only possible through drug and alcohol rehab.


Work towards sober living back in Horsham

The challenges of drug and alcohol rehab will soon be gone. However, working towards sober living must be a long-term recovery commitment. Back in Horsham, you’ll require ongoing effort to continue your life without drugs and alcohol.

You will have support, through aftercare services, through support groups, through your relapse prevention plan and through guidance on lifestyle choices. However, it is your responsibility to follow those steps, helping you truly benefit from drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

By doing so, living through the complexities of addiction and recovery will be worth it. Life will be much less complicated by using our services at Addiction Advocates, starting by finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Horsham.

Reach out today to begin your rehab admission process.