Finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Saudi Arabia, to recover from, is a possibility with our help here at Addiction Advocates. Yet, as we’re aware of the challenges that follow local rehabilitation, we’re also here to guide you with some additional treatment options.

Although help is available, there’s such a grave stigma attached to addiction. Such negative outlooks understandably make it harder for addicts to recover locally, instead of making use of alternative treatment options.

We at Addiction Advocates can help you access addiction support and treatment, beyond Qatar. Via our affiliation of UK based rehab clinics, we can help you recover privately and peacefully, away from judgment and influence.

By getting to know your needs, we can arrange your referral, your rehab programme, and your entire recovery experience. Reach out to share your needs, to work through your drug and alcohol problems.

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Finding support in Saudi Arabia

Recovering via drug and alcohol rehab in Saudi Arabia may be an unrealistic option for you. It’s understandable why, as addiction recovery support is limited.

A lack of demand, due to the illegality of drug and alcohol abuse is one reason why support is hard to come by. Although treatment rates may seem low, addiction rates are still rife, down to illegal exposure.

Another reason why support is challenging to the source is that addiction is heavily stigmatised. Instead of being recognised for the brain condition that it is, the focus is placed on the source of addiction, found as substance abuse.

Both of these factors may make it challenging for you to remain in Saudi Arabia, to experience the care and treatment that you need and deserve. For some, it is possible to remain. Yet due to how unpredictable the process can be, here at Addiction Advocates, we also have some additional treatment options to offer you, offering the privacy and standards of UK rehab.


UK Treatment Options

By leaving Saudi Arabia for a time of respite, you’ll have the chance to experience private rehab. Here in the UK, we have a wide range of specialist facilities, offering proven recovery techniques and programmes.

Via private rehab, you’ll be encouraged to complete an inpatient programme, which averagely lasts 30 days. Due to the nature of your visit, your programme maybe longer, to ensure that you’re recovered and prepared for sobriety, before returning home. You’ll live and recover from a chosen drug and alcohol rehab clinic, which can accommodate your needs.

An outpatient rehab is also an option, offered through private rehab. It’s beneficial for those who have a lot of responsibility, to instead recover across a number of months. It’s likely that outpatient rehab will be discouraged, as the average timescale will likely be unfeasible for your visit.

Treatment options here in the UK are fully private, are confidential and are also compassionately operated. Although there is a global stigma surrounding addiction, leaving your reality, and suffering will be best, to instead recover in a safe, peaceful, and distanced rehab clinic. Treatment is in demand here and has a higher acceptance rate. A suitable rehab clinic will be available to support you.


Your referral into Private Rehab

Whether you select a drug and alcohol rehab in Saudi Arabia, or here in the UK, we can assist with your referral. Our specialist services offer guidance through the admissions process, helping to find and arrange the most suitable recovery programme.

Before we can complete your referral, we will need to consider your needs. Your budget and timescale will be very important if you are coming over from Saudi Arabia. Your health, addiction type and personal needs will also be considered, to ensure that accommodating services and treatments are available.

Once we’re aware of the type of rehab programme, that will benefit you, recommendations will be made, to refer you to private rehab. We can make all arrangements for you, from your transport to the structure of your rehab programme.

Through our admissions process, you can confidently look ahead towards drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and the freedom that it carries.


How does Inpatient Rehab work?

Visiting the UK will be beneficial to complete inpatient rehab. It works by residing in private drug and alcohol rehab, to complete a consistent and thorough recovery process.

Rehab will become your home for the next 30 days, potentially longer depending on your needs. Yet you’ll have everything you require to recover, you’ll have 24/7 support, and you’ll have a personal space to relax from.

Inpatient rehab works by offering a safe and progressive experience, whilst promoting a range of treatment services. Treatments can be consistent and strong as medical assistance is available throughout. Found as a proven and proactive way of treating addiction, inpatient rehab offers all of the services and steps to recover.

A detoxification process will be advised, to withdraw from drugs and alcohol. Therapy will also take priority, to help you recover psychologically. Overcoming the emotions, memories and struggles of addiction is very important, possible through cognitive behavioural therapy, dual diagnosis treatment and psychotherapy.

Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab will also help you look towards your future, back in Saudi Arabia, as sober. It will help you plan and understand relapse, along with offering preventive tools and coping techniques. You’ll recover wholly, to reduce the risks of relapse and to improve your quality-of-life, post-rehab.

Over a 30-day period, the rehab process can be completed, tailored to your personal needs. This will be possible by committing to inpatient rehab and the change that it motivates.


Post-Rehab Support and Care

Understandably, once you return home to Saudi Arabia, face-to-face services here in the UK will come to a halt. Yet through our services, we can help you find and experience post-rehab support and care within your local area. Whether that’s local support groups or virtual forums, support will be accessible for 12 months, post-rehab.

Returning home can be a challenging process, especially in highly stigmatised areas. Yet with the tools and techniques of rehab, you’ll have the chance to work through those challenges.

Reach out to our team at Addiction Advocates to run through your available treatment options. We can support you through a referral here in the UK, or via a drug and alcohol rehab in Saudi Arabia. Whichever will benefit you the most, we encourage your commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a Detox?
A detox is a process of eliminating drugs and alcohol from the body. It aims to motivate withdrawal, which slowly leads to sobriety. A medically assisted detox will be completed through rehab, which maintains health and well-being whilst facing up to withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms are typical to experience yet can be challenging to work through alone.
Does Addiction Treatment work?
Addiction treatment is effective when it’s personally recommended and when it’s fully completed. It’s designed to assist with the recovery process by motivating change and rehabilitation. For addiction treatment to work, you must commit to it and take it seriously, as it’s a life-changing part of rehab.
How to access Rehab?
Accessing rehab will be possible by completing the admissions process. We can offer support through your admission here at Addiction Advocates, to find and enter the right rehab clinic for your needs, whether in Saudi Arabia or here in the UK.