When competitions such as the Euros 2024 are being played, for football fans, it’s an exciting time filled with anticipation and enthusiasm. However, for those recovering from gambling addiction, this period can be particularly challenging.

The increased temptation to place bets, coupled with the ubiquity of gambling advertisements, can make it difficult to stay on track. Here, we will explore practical tips, available resources, and inspiring stories to help you navigate your recovery journey during the Euros 2024.


Understanding Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction, also known as compulsive gambling or gambling disorder, is a serious issue that affects many people.

It’s characterised by the inability to control the urge to gamble despite the negative consequences it may have on one’s life. Major sports events like the Euros often make this problem worse, with heightened excitement and numerous betting opportunities.

Understanding the nature of this addiction and recognising common triggers is the first step in managing it effectively.


Challenges During the Euros 2024

The Euros 2024 brings unique challenges for those in recovery from gambling addiction. You may encounter a workplace sweep, bets amongst friends and family, and a whole host of special offers pushed on you by betting organisations that may seem attractive.

Navigating all these temptations can be difficult and increase the chance of relapsing from your gambling addiction.

Increased Temptation

The excitement of the matches can make betting seem more appealing. You may witness more gambling adverts, your email inbox may receive tempting special offers, and you may hear about friends and family placing bets and winning money.

All this increases the temptation for you to have one bet, but one bet can turn into many.

Peer Pressure

Friends and family might be placing bets, creating a sense of pressure to join in. People may be asking you for advice on what team to bet on, and you may feel like joining in to show them your eye for a bet. If you are out with friends in a bar they may all be placing bets and you may feel the need to join in and be part of the group. Ideally, your friends should know about your gambling issues and try not to place bets when you are around, but not everyone has this supportive group around them.

Gambling Advertisements

Ads promoting betting are everywhere during major sports events, making it hard to escape the temptation.

If you have signed up to gambling sites in the past, you may become inundated with offers as you are being targeted to return and spend more money on betting sites.

You can also be targeted on social media, and some platforms still do not have the necessary functionality to not show gambling-related adverts to recovering gambling addicts.

Emotional Highs and Lows

The ups and downs of the games can trigger emotional responses that lead to impulsive betting.

You could have just witnessed an emotive game and have a heightened emotional attachment to the game. This could lead to impulsive behaviour and placing bets on more games to heighten this emotional investment.


Practical Tips for Staying on Track

Staying on track during the Euros 2024 is possible with some practical strategies. These strategies can help reduce the chances of placing a bet and relapsing on your mission to quit gambling.

Set Clear Goals

Establish personal recovery goals and keep reminders handy. This can help you stay focused on your long-term well-being.

Milestones can give you a sense of achievement, and when the competition begins, if you set a goal not to place a bet, it can give you a conscious focus.

Avoid Triggers

Identify situations or places that might tempt you to gamble and steer clear of them. This could be as simple as not keeping up with the latest results or avoiding situations that can lead to you placing a bet.

Limit Exposure

Reduce your exposure to gambling advertisements and betting discussions. This might mean watching the games with supportive friends or in a different setting.

You should consider changing any online profiles you have or setting up a new email not associated with any gambling or betting sites.

Resources for Support

There are many resources available to support you during your recovery:

Helplines and Support Groups

Organisations like GamCare and GambleAware offer helplines and support groups. If you feel you need to talk to somebody, they can provide advice on the spot and help you through the situation before you place a bet.

Online Communities

Join online forums and communities where you can share your experiences and gain support from others in similar situations. Learning from peers can be a good way to develop coping techniques and you can also build an online support network that can be helpful at times to people struggling.

Mobile Apps

Using apps designed to aid in gambling addiction recovery, such as self-exclusion tools and blocking tools can prove invaluable at times and help to limit your exposure to gambling websites.

Counselling and Therapy

Professional counselling and therapy can provide you with personalised strategies and support. CBT and other talking therapies can help you build up resistance to meet the challenges that lay ahead when overcoming a serious gambling addiction.

Overcome Gambling Addiction at the Euros

Recovering from gambling addiction during the Euros 2024 is challenging, but with the right strategies and support, it is entirely possible. Remember to set clear goals, avoid triggers, limit your exposure to betting ads and stay connected with your support network.

If you need to discuss your problem gambling further or need help before you relapse please contact our confidential advisors on 0800 012 6088.



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