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Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab

If you are suffering from addictions including those related to drugs and alcohol, finding the right treatment clinic can be overwhelming. Luckily, that's where our team at Addiction Advocates comes in. With our expertise and experience in this field and with many private drug and alcohol rehab centres in our network, we are here to recommend those that are suitable on a case to case basis. Enquire Now
Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab
Updated on 01/03/2023
Medically reviewed by
Dr Alexander Lapa (Psychiatrist)

When it comes to treatment options, typically, private and public rehab treatment are the two main choices. The former is mostly funded by the NHS or by other public bodies.

In contrast, private rehab treatments are usually financed by yourself or with medical insurance – if applicable. However, beyond the cost of treatment, there are still many benefits that private drug and alcohol rehab offers, especially when compared to those offered by public institutions (and we will go into this in more detail).

Nevertheless, if you are not sure where to start, feel free to get in touch with us. Our experienced team at Addition Advocates will provide more detailed information on the various treatment options. In the meantime, here is everything you need to know about private rehab treatment.

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What is Private Rehab Treatment? 

Private rehab is in most cases a self funded visit to a drug rehab centre. Here you will receive professional, confidential treatment for you addiction and the necessary therapy to put you in a good place with yourself and prepared for the road ahead.

Usually payment will be provide by addict, family members, friends, or  a medical insurance. All in all, your admission into a treatment facility is usually under your control, which might not be beneficial when it comes to the urgency involved with drug addiction. 

However, that is not to say private rehab clinics have nothing to do with the NHS or other public bodies. Before and during treatment, a clinic might request your medical history to map out a personalised treatment plan for you. 

More so, identifying if private rehab treatment is for you depends on a variety of subjective factors, one of which includes the length of the addiction and the expected intensity of drug withdrawal symptoms. Certainly, the severity of the symptoms depends on the severity of your drug or alcohol addiction. Again, this is when Addiction Advocates comes in. We can help connect you with a number of CQC approved private rehabilitation centres located throughout the United Kingdom. 

Do I Need a Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab? 

Addiction SupportFor most people, yes. Due to the wait time and the average quality of treatment on offer, the public option is not the best solution to addiction treatment. On both fronts, private rehab treatment is far better and equipped with world-class treatment personnel and facilities. 

Additionally, a private rehab treatment usually includes personalised and holistic addiction recovery plans. Any, and every form of addiction, including drug, alcohol, prescription, and behavioural addiction, is catered to by specialised counsellors and medical personnel. On the other hand, in public rehab treatment, you are more likely to be placed in rehab centres that provide therapy to addictions outside of your specific needs. 

Discretion is another advantage that comes with private treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. If you prefer to keep your detox and rehab treatment a secret, private rehab clinics are the way to go. 

Cost of a Private Drug and Alcohol Treatment 

It goes without saying that when it comes to treating addiction, the cost of treatment is far less compared to the cost of addiction. Across the tens of CQC approved private rehabilitation centres Addiction Advocates has access to, the cost of rehabilitation varies depending on various factors, including length and type of treatment. 

A minimum 10-day detox usually comes with counselling, prescription drugs, and accommodation. More so, you won’t have to worry about hidden costs. 

For a more extended stay, the price depends on your choice of a rehab clinic. So, it’s good to know the two kinds of private rehab clinics available: 

Private Residential Rehabilitation – This option offers a live-in lifestyle during the withdrawal and treatment process. Patients are also offered a peaceful and relaxing environment for recovery. However, it’s also worth noting that residential rehab treatment is typically for a long term rehab programme that can usually last between 28 days to twelve months. 

Private Inpatient RehabilitationThis option is more suitable for short term treatment programs that typically last between 10 days to six weeks. These are typically hospital-based rehab programmes; some of which offer residential rehab services. 

Depending on your requirements, the cost of a rehab clinic under CQC approved private rehabilitation centres vary in cost. And aside from world-class accommodation, counselling, and prescription drugs, you will also have access to free aftercare rehab programs. Also, for people with limited funds, all hope is not lost; as there is also access to structured payment plans to facilitate your recovery. 

What to Expect at a Private Rehab Clinic? 

Regardless of the severity of the addiction, or whether you opt for a public or private clinic, you will be required to undergo detoxification, which typically lasts for a week. Detox involves expelling the bad substances via the use of prescription drugs, in addition to the intake of nutritious meals and vitamin B supplements. 

It’s also worth noting that the withdrawal symptoms are common and might include insomnia, anxiety, paranoia, confusion, suicidal thoughts, nightmares, increased cravings, and depression. You might also experience physical symptoms like tremors and shakes, muscle aches, eating disorders, and hyperactivity. No doubt, the symptoms vary from person to person and also depends on the severity of the addiction. What’s more, your ability to cope with each symptom, particularly increased cravings, is another factor used to determine the necessity of a private drug or alcohol rehab treatment. 

Once you have completed detoxification, you will undergo a myriad of therapies and counselling sessions. They are focused on psychological improvement by trumping and discrediting any harmful mindsets. It also includes the integration of positive coping strategies. 

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Signing Up for Private Rehab Treatment

If you are ready to begin your drug or alcohol addiction recovery journey and have decided to seek out treatment, we advise reaching out to Addiction Advocates. Our helpline and website are available 24/7. We hope you enjoy your experience on our website, which offers more detailed search options for the perfect rehab clinic that fits your preferred requirements.

However, if you are not quite sure that you have an addiction, you can also call a member of our team. They will evaluate and determine whether you need to seek out professional help.

FAQ’s About Alcohol Rehab

How private is alcohol rehab?
Visiting an alcohol rehab is extremely private. All details are kept confidentially, along with promoting a private and discrete rehab environment. Please be rest assured that all details will be kept in-house, and communication with family members or peers will be completed under your guidance.
How much does alcohol rehab cost?
The cost of alcohol rehab can unfortunately deviate, all depending on an individual’s requirements. Factors such as outpatient treatment or residential treatment can lead the way when considering financial investments. Yet, for an accurate gauge, feel free to contact our team. In some cases, private insurance can cover the cost of alcohol rehab. Yet this will depend on your policy, along with your selected treatment centre.
What is the average duration of alcohol rehab?
The duration of an alcohol rehab treatment programme can deviate, reflecting personal needs and susceptibility to treatment. A large proportion of rehab programmes can last 28 days, following a detox and psychological intervention. However, for some individuals., this may be shorter, while others may require further professional support.
What happens after rehab?
Alcohol rehab is a highly valuable experience to complete. However, once a return home is recommended, vulnerabilities do present themselves. As this is classified as a high-risk situation, ongoing support will be available post rehab. This will help to reduce future alcohol relapses, along with ensuring that recovery can be maintained for the long-term.

Seth is an author, addiction recovery expert and fully accredited member of the national counselling society. He has experience working with a wide range of addictions and mental illnesses using a number of evidence-based therapies and programmes such as the SMART models of addiction recovery.

What do our previous clients think?

Really enjoyed my time at Asana lodge. Staff are great and most have previous experience of the afflictions that affect all the clients, so they can relate to the situation you are in. I feel ready now to tackle the outside world with all the skills I have learnt.
Thank you to all the staff at asana lodge from management to the cleaners, everyone made me feel so welcome and really went above and beyond to help me in my recovery. highly recommend anyone seeking help with addiction depression and anxiety to go to asana lodge and heal your mind body and soul.
Everyone at Cassiobury court have been very supportive with my recovery and I have learnt a lot over the past 14 days. I am taking away some good tools to help me with my addiction. I look forward to seeing the piers at the aftercare service.
Mr Hussain
I came to you desperate, feeling so depressed and anxious. I left feeling hopeful and grateful and excited about life. I can't believe the change in just 28 days.
S Molloy

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This is done to assess what sort of help is needed so we can recommend an addiction treatment service that can provide the best help possible. All calls are strictly confidential and are carried out by a trained healthcare professional.…

This is done to assess what sort of help is needed so we can recommend an addiction treatment service that can provide the best help possible.

All calls are strictly confidential and are carried out by a trained healthcare professional.

No obligation recommendations are made after a full assessment of yourself or loved ones situation is fully made.

Recommendations include specialist addiction treatment programmes in CQC regulated facilities based throughout the UK.

If you are unable to afford private treatment then public healthcare and charities would also be recommended to you.

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We have a large number of helpful services available to help give you the best possible support when it comes to dealing with addiction. Just some of the services we can offer includes: Free confidential telephone assessment Recommending CQC regulated…

We have a large number of helpful services available to help give you the best possible support when it comes to dealing with addiction.

Just some of the services we can offer includes:

  • Free confidential telephone assessment
  • Recommending CQC regulated residential addiction treatment providers
  • Arranging for an intervention, if needed
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We can help take the stress out of finding an addiction treatment provider by recommending only the best options available that fully suits your criteria. The help and advice we can provide includes making sure that your journey towards recovery…

We can help take the stress out of finding an addiction treatment provider by recommending only the best options available that fully suits your criteria.

The help and advice we can provide includes making sure that your journey towards recovery is one that can definitely be achieved.

Taking the step towards recovery can be incredibly tough but we are here to put your concerns at ease by giving you insights into the safety of undertaking residential addiction treatment and how it can put you on the path towards long lasting recovery from addiction.

Our team of advisors have extensive experience and knowledge about the subject of addiction and the treatment provided so if you have any questions then they will be more than happy to help.

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