A wide range of treatment services, plans and providers are accessible throughout the addiction recovery process. Some will be local and flexible, while others will be intensive and medically accredited.

Although any form of support and progress will be beneficial, selecting the most effective rehabilitation process is recommended whilst recovering from addiction. Addiction recovery can be a difficult process to work through while faced with personal triggers, cravings, and uncontrollable influences.

It can be lonely, it can be emotionally draining, and it can also be an unbearable process to sustain. With the most suitable environment, the most influential structure, and the most progressive approach, the greatest foundation of rehab can instead be experienced.

Inpatient rehab is an intensive treatment service, facilitated through a private rehabilitation centre. Offering the treatments, resources, community, and tools to recover from addiction, inpatient rehab delivers a comprehensive and supportive recovery process.

By checking into rehab for an inpatient programme, a wealth of benefits surrounding health, wellbeing and recovery success can be expected. Here are the benefits of inpatient rehab that you can experience through our network at Addiction Advocates.

Our residential treatment programmes will be accommodating and respectful of your needs, delivered through our specialist rehab facilities.


What Is Inpatient Rehab?

Medically accredited treatment sessions, services and plans can be completed through two core formats. The first is outpatient rehab which is facilitated and offered on the NHS. Free, convenient, and approachable, outpatient treatment can take a number of months to access and a further 6-12 months to complete through regular rehab visits. It’s however flexible and can fit around routines and busy lifestyles.

The second format, which we advocate is inpatient rehab, which is offered as a private service through drug and alcohol treatment centres. Personalised, discrete and progressive, residential treatment is a proactive process, yet must be paid for.

Inpatient rehab is recommended for its intimate, safe, and medically accredited offering, helping to treat addiction on a personal level. It also provides a comprehensive structure, which not only alleviates addiction and its struggles but also offers a plan of action for long-term recovery.

Everything that you’ll need to recover, through a time-sensitive recovery process will be delivered through inpatient rehab. By checking into a CQC rehab clinic, the benefits of inpatient rehab can be encountered, helping to improve the experience and success of recovery.


Benefits Of Inpatient Rehab Programmes

Medically assisted detoxification

Detoxification is an essential treatment to work through whilst withdrawing from drugs or alcohol. By residing in a rehab clinic, a medically assisted detox can be experienced, offering 24/7 care and the use of replacement therapies. It’s a safer process to complete, whilst easing withdrawal symptoms.


Personalised treatment plans

Inpatient rehab delivers personalised service. By assessing and following personal needs, suitable treatments, therapies, and resources are offered, to treat individual experiences with drugs and alcohol.


Proactive timelines

The average inpatient programme can be completed in a number of weeks. This is due to its progressive nature, by focusing on addiction recovery each day of a 28-day programme. Some timelines can be longer, where long-term inpatient rehab programmes can be arranged. Yet most clients will recover proactively, by working through core treatments and plans.


Around the clock care and medical advice

24/7 care and medical advice is offered whilst checking into private rehab. It’s a safe, reassuring and fully supported process, helping through the highs and lows of rehabilitation. Specialist teams are selected across CQC rehab clinics, offering the greatest care out there.


The time and energy to dedicate to recovery

By pausing outside life and by focusing on inpatient rehab, time and energy can be dedicated to the recovery process. Delays, distractions, and disruptions are limited, helping to progress and secure recovery.


Private and safe environments

One of the benefits of inpatient rehab which increases its success when compared against outpatient rehab is the private and safe environment that’s offered on a constant basis. The most idyllic setting is maintained through inpatient rehab, providing an ongoing escape from drugs, alcohol, and their influences. A home from home is offered through our network of rehab clinics here at Addiction Advocates.


Leading treatments and therapies

Through the structure of inpatient rehab, a wealth of treatment and therapy sessions can be experienced, following a progressive timeline. Evidence-based, leading services are also included, to progress success and change. Talking therapies, holistic therapies, mental health treatments and a range of complementary resources are offered.


Community support

Inpatient rehab provides a community feel. It brings together many other people in the same boat, by offering professional and peer support. Support groups, group therapy sessions and activities are offered, found to increase personal accountability and to provide greater perspective.


A focus on health and wellbeing

The core focus of rehabilitation is to promote addiction recovery. Yet for recovery to sustain, post-rehab choices and routines must reflect healthy and positive habits. Inpatient rehab delivers additional services which focus on health and wellbeing. Co-occurring disorders can also be treated and worked through, personalising individual treatment plans.


A comprehensive recovery journey

Inpatient treatment programmes offer support from your admission to your discharge. A comprehensive recovery journey is therefore available, helping to ingrain new habits and outlooks.


Aftercare plans

Aftercare plans help to ease the transition which occurs on a post-rehab basis. 12 months of free aftercare services are offered through inpatient rehab. Private and accommodating support groups and therapy sessions are available, alongside 12-step recovery plans.


Success rates of inpatient rehab

The benefits of inpatient rehab help to secure its success whilst treating addiction. Although rehab experiences will vary across the board, inpatient care and services offer greater consideration, focus and intervention.

Whilst compared against outpatient rehab, residential treatment helps addicts at a greater rate by offering a safe haven to reside in and an efficient recovery process to complete. Outpatient rehab is more suitable for some people, helping to fit around their circumstances and routine. Yet for the majority of people who long for private and personalised support, inpatient rehab delivers the best results.

From its progressiveness, consistency, structure and long-term input, inpatient rehab has many benefits which we promote at Addiction Advocates. It’s a reliable and comprehensive service, not only promoting sobriety but also motivating it.


Cost of inpatient rehab

The biggest obstacle for most people whilst selecting inpatient rehab is its cost. Private care and addiction treatment will need to be paid for. Residential programmes are however flexible, budget-friendly and can be funded through a number of means.

The cost of ongoing drug and alcohol abuse is much more damaging than the financial requirements of private rehab. At Addiction Advocates, we can help you see the difference, by opting for an affordable yet impactful rehabilitation experience.

Inpatient programmes can range between £3,000 and £10,000 depending on your location, needs, length of stay and the specialism of your chosen rehab facility.


Returning home after inpatient rehab

Inpatient rehab is an escape, meaning that it can be easier to ignore drug and alcohol influences. Whilst sobriety and awareness are common results of private rehab, the post-rehab transition can be tough to experience as it is new and unpredictable.

With a full understanding of possible obstacles, aftercare services are offered as a standard for all clients via inpatient rehab. Tools are in place to bridge the gap between rehab and reality. Educational sessions are also on offer for loved ones and associates. Support groups and activities are arrangeable to work through sobriety and its milestones.

At Addiction Advocates, we can help you through our admissions process to find the most suitable inpatient rehab clinic. With full commitment, time and effort, rehab can be completed, followed by a new drug and alcohol-free lifestyle.

The benefits of inpatient rehab are available to experience, helping to motivate and manage long-term recovery. Reach out for more information or for our guidance through inpatient rehab.