Addiction is a condition with many different layers. Those layers make it unpredictable and a highly personal illness to work through.

The severity and impacts of addiction can vary from one extreme to the other. With that being the case, support, treatment, and rehabilitation efforts must be accommodating. Private rehab offers personal and fully tailored programmes, to meet the needs and demands of addiction recovery. Inpatient and outpatient programmes are offered to cater to symptoms, addiction diagnoses and lifestyles.

Yet many individuals still ask, ‘is my addiction bad enough?’, when faced with the option of rehab. No matter how moderate or severe addiction may be, it can be treated, managed, and worked through with professional help.

Here are the signs you need to go to rehab, considering the severity of your habits and the symptoms that you’re currently experiencing. We at Addiction Advocates can help you find necessary support and treatment, accommodating your needs.

Rehab is a lifeline, especially for those who prioritise drug and alcohol abuse. If you’re prioritising their consumption, it’s time to reach out.


Understanding addiction

Although an addiction diagnosis seems widespread, it’s a complicated, compulsive illness, which impacts every addict differently. Diagnoses are universal, meaning that a range of signs, symptoms and assessments highlight addictive behaviours and habits. Yet the reason that those behaviours and habits have amounted, and the effects that they have are unalike for each client.

For some, addiction will be a controlled physical response. This is recognised as substance abuse, which can usually be treated through withdrawal and lifestyle management. For others, addiction can be physically and psychologically engulfing. This is classed as a clinical addiction, which will require full rehabilitation.

Anywhere in between, a diagnosis can be made. Yet the treatment and recovery of each diagnosis will differ, possible through rehab. Although accessible and suitable for all, here are some signs you need to go to rehab.


Is my addiction bad enough?

Although there is a myth that a chronic clinical addiction must be diagnosed to enter and complete rehab, this isn’t the truth. No matter how bad your addiction may be, or how mild in fact, your use of drugs and alcohol will be enough to benefit from rehab.

Rehab is highly flexible, meaning that it can be tailored to your needs and the severity of your condition. It’s offered through outpatient and inpatient treatment programmes, each catering to certain needs, budgets, lifestyle choices and types of addiction. The severity of the addiction will also influence which programme will be best suited, which we can help with at Addiction Advocates.

To recover from any type and level of behavioural changes, rehab is the most effective process to experience. Here are the signs you need to go to rehab, to experience the right form of support and treatment to rehabilitate and manage your habits.


Here are the signs you need to go to rehab

No matter how mild you may think your addiction is, here are the signs to look out for, indicating that rehab will be a beneficial and possibly necessary step to take.

Your life has been taken over by drug and alcohol abuse: If you agree with, ‘substance abuse is my main priority’, there’s a high chance that drugs and alcohol have overtaken your life. This is a clear sign that intervention is required, to disrupt their hold over your reality.

Your health and wellbeing are deteriorating: Signs and symptoms of addiction focus heavily on health and wellbeing. If your habits of drug and alcohol abuse are leading to physical problems and/or mental health issues, rehab will be recommended. Treatment will be offered to not over-promote recovery, but also boost your wellbeing.

Your tolerance is high: Over the course of an addiction, tolerance to drugs and alcohol will develop. This is recognised as a threshold, which your body and brain become accustomed. To feel the positive effects of consumption, you’ll keep consuming higher, more frequent doses. If your consumption levels are high, this is a sign of addiction.

You’re experiencing common signs and symptoms: There are common signs and symptoms of addiction. They include the inability to give up on consumption, physical and psychological changes, changes in behaviour to adjust to substance abuse, and financial hardship. All are signs you need to go to rehab, to work through addiction recovery.

Your finances are impacted by your addiction: It’s very common for addicts to experience financial hardship. Drugs and alcohol are expensive to regularly purchase. Many addicts encounter money worries and legal implications around their personal liabilities. If you’re spending a lot of money, this is a sign that you require professional help.

You’re suffering from poor mental health: Poor mental health is one of the common tell-tale signs of addiction. If your mental health is suffering, where you’re encountering symptoms of depression, anxiety or feel like your emotions are turbulent, you’ll require dual diagnosis treatment. This is available through private rehab.

You’ve struggled to withdraw alone: If you say things like, ‘I can’t quit on my own’, from previous withdrawal attempts, rehab will be a necessity. Medical detox will be encouraged, followed by additional support, available through rehab.

Your loved ones are concerned: Loved ones are usually the ones who highlight concerns of addiction, activate referrals and complete interventions. If you’re experiencing concern, this is one of the signs you need to go to rehab. Your family and friends are those who know you the most. They will be able to spot the physical, psychological, social, and behavioural changes caused by drug and alcohol abuse.


How to find help for addiction

Finding help for your addiction is possible through our services here at Addiction Advocates. We’re specialists in finding suitable recovery programmes, for our clients, with varying addiction types.

By completing a self-referral, we can assess your needs, experiences, and severity of addiction. Following on, we can search for addiction help via a suitable drug and alcohol rehab clinic. We will use your location, budget, addiction type and personal requirements as a benchmark.

Rehab is available in a number of different forms. We can find a suitable service, which is completely tailored to the level of support you need. The signs you need to go to rehab are a basis for taking action. Yet if you’re at all struggling with drugs and alcohol, deviating from those signs, rehab can still be accessed, completed, and benefitted from.

Contact our team to begin the admissions process into rehab. Suitable for all levels of addiction, you can access treatment and recover with professional help.