What to Expect at a Rehab Centre

In real life, drug and alcohol rehab centres aren’t much like the scary places they show on tv and in movies. In fact, they are nice and comfortable because they are designed to enable you to heal and relax. They do this by providing you with top-quality care and facilities.

What you should bring to rehab may be worrying you, which is why we have addressed all of the clothes, toiletries, personal items and medications you should bring with you.

While every rehab centre is unique, there are certain things that you can expect from most of the centres available to you. They are there to make your stay nice and comfortable.

You can expect a tv, laundry and cleaning services so that you don’t need to worry about household chores, and of course, all of your prescription medications will be provided for you.

You can expect your stay in rehab to begin with an admission assessment before you begin a detox. Then you will move on to therapy and any other treatments deemed necessary for your recovery. It sounds simple, but that’s just because it is all managed by a wonderful staff with years of experience.

The most important thing expected from your drug and alcohol rehab centre is that it is a safe and clean space where you don’t need to worry about a thing. It gives you the opportunity to take a break away from everyday life stresses and work and gives you an opportunity to just worry about yourself.

With the professional help available in the centre, you will be able to achieve long-term recovery. You will be given every possible advantage. You just need to be willing to take them and change your life for the better with them.

Personal Items to Take to Rehab

It can be a bit intimidating going to rehab, but you aren’t going in empty-handed. You can take things such as casual day clothes, pjs and basic comfy clothing while you’re there.

Before you begin your stay at rehab, you will be told about any banned items, for example, bladed articles, a mouthwash that contains alcohol, any non-prescription drugs and any opened prescriptions.

Our rehab centres allow you to bring electronic devices but be aware that they can only be used in private areas such as your room for patient confidentiality.

You are also more than welcome to take photos of your loved ones to bring you comfort. You may also want to bring a stuffed toy or a good luck charm. Just be prepared that your items may be searched for any hidden substances before you enter the rehab.

You are able to bring your own toiletries, including toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair care items, and different makeup. Some rehabs will prohibit aerosols, so you may want to stick with the roll-on variety.

Rehab is not trying to cut you off from the outside world. It wants you to be comfortable so that you can get the benefit from it. So having things with you that will help the time run smoothly is encouraged.

Medications and Prescriptions in Rehab

Because of how controlled substances are in rehab, you will need to provide documents to support this and prescriptions you will need to take with you.

Then the rehab will look them over to make sure they are all legitimate before making sure to add them to your medication plan. Unfortunately, you can’t just be left with the medications you brought with you, instead, you will need to hand them over where they will be provided at appropriate times.

There are some exceptions, such as if you need an inhaler, but in most cases, in order to access your medications, it will have to be through a staff member at the rehab centre.

To ensure that all this is as hassle-free as possible, you will want to come to the rehab with your documents attached to your medications. That way, they can be easily checked against the prescriptions and not be slowed down on your arrival.

You can also order a blister pack that has your daily medications laid out for you. This often comes with all the documents and dosages attached. It can also be obtained for the length of your stay, so you don’t need to worry about running out.

Personal Comfort and Hygiene Items

First of all, while you may experience some irregularity in your period due to detox and your recovery, you should still plan to bring hygiene products that you are used to. The alcohol or drug rehab centre will be able to provide you with emergency feminine hygiene products, but everyone has what makes them the most comfortable.

As far as personal comfort items, it is highly recommended that if you have a hobby you enjoy or want to get into, bring it along with you. Hobbies can be a great way to help you experience mindfulness.

Anything that gives you the opportunity to relax between treatments such as a journal or boardgame is worth taking to rehab. Especially if it is a hobby, you can continue after you leave the rehab centre and use it as a follow-up coping mechanism.

What Not to Take to Rehab

There are certain items you should definitely not bring to rehab.

Read the following list carefully and remember it is there to keep you and others safe:

  • Knives
  • Bleach
  • Corrosive materials
  • Explosive materials
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Concealed weapons
  • Flammable substances
  • Unauthorised prescription drugs

An easy way to remember a lot of the banned items is to ask yourself if it’s allowed on an aeroplane. If the answer is no, then often, it’s not allowed so you shouldn’t bring to rehab.

Be sure to check the specifics of the rehab you are going to. For example, some allow you to bring some snacks, but if someone else staying there has a nut allergy, they will need to add restrictions.

It’s all about safety and comfort for you and others at the rehab centre. You can bring what allows you to best recover but what also won’t compromise the work you have done towards long-term recovery. For any more questions about what to bring to rehab, get in touch today or phone on 0800 012 6088.