If you’re a parent who is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, you might be worried about going to rehab. After all, who is going to look after your child while you’re away? And will admitting that you’ve got a problem mean that you lose access to them?

These are completely normal questions to be asking but you need to remember that going to rehab now is the best decision for your life with your child later on. Here, we reveal everything you need to know and answer some commonly asked questions.


Will You Lose Your Child If You Go To Rehab?

The first thing to know is that going to rehab or admitting that you have an addiction won’t result in you losing your child. Child Protective Services, also known as CPS, are likely to get involved but this is only because they want to ensure that your child is safe and supported and so that you can focus on your recovery.

If you choose private inpatient rehab, it’s important to realise that you will need to leave your child for a set amount of time. But this doesn’t mean that you’ll lose custody of them. Instead, another family member or friend may be able to step in. If you don’t have anyone that can look after your child, temporary foster carers may be required but you’ll get to meet them first.

None of this should stop you from going to rehab, however. As a chronic disease, addiction requires treatment so, if you go to drug and alcohol rehab, you’re actually making the best decision for you and your child – and can be a more effective parent once you return home.

It’s natural to be worried if the CPS do get involved but they are legally required to take great efforts to ensure that children don’t leave their home. Instead, just know that everyone is working together with your and your child’s best interests at heart.

Even if your child is temporarily put into foster care, while you complete rehab, CPS is legally required to help you to reunify again. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you achieve recovery and are devoted to a substance-free life, it’s likely that your child will be returned to you – even if CPS has previously been involved.


How To Plan For Rehab If You Have Kids

Going to rehab can be daunting for anyone but it is the right decision if you want to enjoy a life away from addiction. If you’re a parent, however, there are a few additional considerations to make, but the team at Addiction Advocates are always here to help.

  • You need to make plans for where your child will stay in your absence
  • You’ll need to contact your child’s school and doctor to update who the relevant carers are
  • You also need to contact the local family courts to allow your chosen caregiver to be able to make decisions for your child.

While this might sound very serious, it’s essential that your child is supported while you’re not there. Plus, just remember, you’re doing a good thing to be able to get your life back on track.

We also recommend that you have a chat with your child and explain where you’re going. While the nature of the conversation will depend on their age, it’s important to let them know as much as you think is suitable.

For example, you could explain that you’re poorly and need some help. Or, you might explain that addiction is a medical condition that can be treated. Let your child know what to expect, who will be looking after them and how long you’ll be away. Allow them to ask questions, validate their feelings and explain that it’s not their fault.


Will I Be Able To See My Child In Rehab?

At Addiction Advocates, we think rehab and therapy should involve friends and family as much as possible. This not only gives you the support you need but allows them to understand exactly what you need. This can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.


Why Getting Addiction Treatment Help Is the Best Choice

We understand that leaving your child is a very difficult decision. But going to rehab is the best decision you can make for both your and your child’s future together. After all, addiction is hugely challenging and demanding, and it’s likely that you’re not parenting as well as you could be.

That’s not to say that you’re a bad parent or you’ve failed but, by going to rehab and getting treatment, you’re taking positive action for your future.

There’s also the fact that without addiction crippling your life, you’ll likely have more money to spend on quality time and your health will improve too. If unfortunately, your child has already been removed from your care by CPS, then rehab is the only way to have them returned to you.

Our admissions process is quick and easy to ensure that you receive treatment as quickly as possible. Get in touch today to start today.


The Best Rehab Programs For Parents

Now you’ve made the decision to go to rehab, it’s time to choose a programme that will suit you and your family. At Addiction Advocates, we believe this is one that suits your needs and goals and allows you to include your family in your recovery journey. Look for plans that offer visits, phone calls and family therapy sessions for older family members.

When you get in touch with us, our team of friendly advisors will get to know you and ask a series of questions to find out more information about your addiction and your goals for recovery. With this knowledge, we can then recommend a course of action that we think will be suitable. Here, we can discuss whether inpatient or outpatient treatment will be best and help you to weigh up all of your options.

So if you’re ready to start planning for a life that both you and your child deserve, contact our team and take the first step toward a better future. Call us today on 0800 012 6088 or text HELP to 83222.