Outpatient rehab is chosen by most for its flexibility and adaptability. Yet at this time of year, such levels of freedom can understandably be difficult to deal with.

Although alcohol exposure is expected through everyday life, risks can usually be managed with a plan of action, relapse prevention and active treatment. Both Christmas and New Year are periods where alcohol exposure is heightened and can become uncontrollable. Attempting to remain on track by avoiding influences and urges can therefore be harder.

Whilst forecasted to be challenging, keeping up with outpatient rehab is possible. Prioritising life in sobriety and experiencing the benefits that follow can be the case, by setting yourself up for success.

Here are some tips to keep up outpatient rehab at New Year, helping you enjoy your time whilst remaining committed to your goals. Stay sober with our guidance at Addiction Advocates.


What is outpatient treatment?

Outpatient treatment is a form of private rehab, designed to help people with drug or alcohol problems. It’s a flexible rehab programme that allows for people to visit rehab for treatment, followed by a return home. It usually works over a number of months, offering immediate and consistent care.

The key benefit of outpatient treatment is that it’s flexible, possible to complete alongside other commitments. It’s also adaptable and can work into various lifestyles and routines. Clients will also benefit from specialist support, access to leading addiction treatment services and recovery plans. The experience is much more affordable than residential alcohol and drug rehab, making it an accessible programme for most people.

Due to its flexibility and unstructured timeline, people struggling with alcohol and drug abuse can find outpatient rehab difficult to complete throughout the festivities. The time between Christmas and the New Year is already unstructured, fuelled by unhealthy choices and viewed as a relaxing time. Attempting to keep on track of recovery, whilst following the norms and expectations of the New Year and its celebrations can be tough.

Yet with focus, full commitment and a mindful approach, life in sobriety can be worked towards by completing outpatient treatment. Here are some tips to keep up outpatient rehab at New Year, offering direction through a change in routine.


Tips to remain sober and on track at New Year

Your addiction recovery journey should be prioritised, no matter what’s happening in everyday life. Here’s how you can remain sober and on track through outpatient rehab this New Year.


  • Stick to your routine and schedule

Although flexible, you will have a routine and schedule to follow through outpatient rehab. Pre-arranged treatment sessions will be organised, providing you with some direction. Sticking to your scheduled sessions is recommended, along with any further milestones, even if others around you are unwinding for the New Year. Through addiction recovery, the focus must be consistent.


  • Remain connected to your peers and support network

Throughout outpatient rehab, you’ll meet others who will also be attending treatment facilities over the New Year. Remaining connected to those like-minded people is recommended. With a strong support network, you can remain accountable for your goals and intentions.


  • Attend support group meetings

Support groups and meetings will be arranged throughout your outpatient programme. Meetings will still take place throughout the New Year. Attending your meetings will help you keep connected to outpatient rehab, along with providing you with emotional guidance throughout this time of year. The New Year can be highly reflective and tough on the mind. Following your schedule of support group meetings will be encouraged, to keep up on treatment.


  • Set yourself some small goals

If you’re feeling distracted or out of sync, due to New Year plans, setting yourself some small goals will be an effective way to get back into the swing of rehab. Small goals are encouraged as they must also be feasible. Working with your dedicated rehab team to set some goals for completion at home will help you keep up on outpatient plans. Similar to New Year’s resolutions, you can set your own intentions moving forward.


  • Involve your loved ones

By involving your loved ones in the process, they can begin to understand the importance of your time at home, along with the importance of your rehab visits. Everything from coping strategies to influences can be mutually understood to ease this time of year. Family therapy sessions can be arranged as part of your programme to increase involvement.


  • Lead a healthy lifestyle

Your lifestyle will impact your motivation, mindset, wellbeing, and physical actions. By leading a healthy lifestyle, your motivation, commitment, and desire to keep up outpatient rehab at New Year will all increase.


  • Share any concerns

If you’re worried about the level of flexibility through outpatient rehab and how this will impact you across the influences of New Year, it’s important to share your concerns. Additional support and treatment can be provided through private rehab, to help you manoeuvre through this triggering time.


  • Continue through addiction treatment

One of our tips to keep up outpatient rehab at New Year is to continue on through treatment. Whilst it may feel tempting to pause visits for other life commitments or plans, delays and disruptions will be risky. A break in treatment can regress clients and can reduce motivation to continue on. Treatment sessions can be accommodated to your needs yet should remain consistent to work through the New Year.


  • Plan sober activities

If you’re hoping to celebrate this New Year, planning some sober activities will be acceptable. Keeping busy, enjoying the celebrations, and having some fun are all important to remain happy, engaged and mentally stable. Yet it’s important that your plans are pre-organised, manageable, and low risk, to help you stay sober.


  • Continue your addiction recovery process

Continuing through addiction recovery will help you benefit from the changes and efforts that you’ve already invested. You may be at the beginning of your recovery journey, which is very important to continue on. You may be at the end of outpatient rehab yet should still have your full focus. Focusing on the long-term will help you keep up outpatient rehab and will help you experience the expected benefits of private treatment.


Outpatient rehab at Addiction Advocates

At Addiction Advocates, we can help you access, arrange and work through outpatient rehab this New Year. Through our network of rehab clinics, we can help you find a local treatment centre to visit and walk alongside.

Our services are highly tailored, meaning that we can accommodate your needs through outpatient rehab. Taking into account your circumstances and outlooks on New Year, we can make sure that you feel supported and comfortable throughout the period, and beyond.

Using our above tips to keep up outpatient rehab at New Year are encouraged. Alternatively, you can reach out to arrange your rehab programme, to experience any time of the year.