Alcohol and drug rehab programmes have been shown to be the single most effective way of treating a serious addiction problem. If you are struggling with a substance misuse or addiction issue, a stay in a rehabilitation centre could be just what you need to turn your life around.

While there are rehab centres located throughout the UK however, there might not be one in your area. Major cities may have a number of drug and alcohol rehab centres available but smaller towns and rural areas might not.

There may also be a lack of free places in the ones nearest to you as capacity is limited while addiction and substance misuse rights are on the rise in many parts of the country. If there is no rehab centre near you, don’t despair or think there is no help available. There are still treatment options available and it may be that an addiction rehab a little further afield could still be your best option.


Residential Rehab vs Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Rehab is not the only way to treat addiction, although it is generally the most effective for a number of reasons. Outpatient treatment such as that provided on the NHS can still be valuable though and may be worth considering, especially for less serious addiction problems.

Treatment available via the NHS is free but there are often limitations and there may also be waiting lists. This treatment is also delivered on an outpatient or community basis, meaning you will remain at your own home and attend appointments at clinics or other venues.

This can be difficult to keep on top of when in the grip of addiction. You will also be surrounded by all the stresses of your everyday life and the triggers, people and places associated with your drinking or drug use.

In rehab, on the other hand, you will be in a safe, secure environment where everything is geared towards your recovery. You will be able to concentrate on your treatment programme and will not be around those triggers and temptations. Another important consideration is the detoxification or detox process.

This is very difficult and potentially dangerous to go through alone. Alcohol detox, for example, can be accompanied by severe physical withdrawal symptoms such as tremors and even seizures while cocaine or cannabis detox is more associated with psychological withdrawal symptoms.

You will have some support during this period on an outpatient programme but you certainly won’t have the round the clock support and medical supervision that can help get you through alcohol and drug detox within a rehabilitation centre.


Finding the right Rehab Centre near me

If you think that rehab is the right option for you and you are lucky enough to have facilities in your area it might seem like the simplest choice is to pick the one nearest to you. It is usually more important to find the right rehab rather than just the nearest one, however.

Some people do feel more comfortable staying in their local area but there may be a choice of facilities in some locations and there may also be good reasons to look further afield.

Some people prefer to go outside their immediate area for treatment for reasons of privacy. All rehabs offer advice and treatment in complete confidence of course, but you still have to enter and leave the premises at the start and the end of the treatment programme. We certainly don’t believe there should be a stigma associated with addiction treatment and recovery but many people would still prefer to keep this private.

If you do travel a little further to find the right rehab, many places will provide transport to and from the facility. As these rehabs offer the residential treatment you will be staying in the property for the duration of your treatment.

Rehabs are not prisons but they discourage you from leaving during the treatment and you will have everything you need to hand. With no real reason to leave it often will not really matter where the rehab is located as long as you can get there and back at either end of the treatment.


Steps to help you choose the right Rehab

There are a number of other considerations to bear in mind beyond the location of the rehab centre. Most places will offer treatment for a wide range of addictions but some do specialise, so whether you are looking for heroin rehab, cannabis rehab, gambling addiction rehab or any other kind of rehab, you should check that your particular issue is treated.

You should also check on the cost and the length of programmes available. Cost may be an important factor but you should also bear in mind the potential costs of leaving an addiction untreated. These costs are not just monetary as addiction can also have a serious impact on your physical and mental health, relationships and pretty much every other aspect of your life.

You should also consider the type of treatment options offered as a personalised treatment programme will usually be put together based on interviews as part of a detailed admission process.

Another important consideration is whether there is a solid aftercare plan built into the treatment programme. This is often crucial in relapse prevention once you have left the rehab as most people will need a period of ongoing support.


Rehab Centres across the UK

If you are struggling with an addiction problem it can be difficult to know where to turn to for help. We can help you to find rehab centres throughout the UK, not only looking for the nearest ones but the ones that best fit your own unique circumstances and requirements.

In many cases, rehab is the best way to treat addiction and it might still be your best bet even if there isn’t a rehab centre in your immediate vicinity.

If you need help finding the right rehab centre, contact us today to find out how we can help.