What Happens in Rehab?

Here are our insights into the drug and alcohol rehabilitation steps and services that you can look to expect with our support here at Addiction Advocates.

Reviewed Medically reviewed by Dr Alexander Lapa (Psychiatrist) | Updated 14/09/2021

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What Happens in Rehab? 
Updated on 14/09/2021
Medically reviewed by
Dr Alexander Lapa (Psychiatrist)

You may be fully aware of rehab as a recommendation, the value that it can bring, and the benefits attached to drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Yet like many of our clients here at Addiction Advocates, are you unsure of the process of rehab?

‘What happens in rehab?’ is a commonly asked question, usually vocalised at the pre-admission stage.

Although at this point, clients are somewhat committed to experiencing rehab and completing its essential steps, many lack insight into the actual steps that they will take, throughout rehab.

This is reasonable, as rehab is a tailored process, which requires first-hand experience to fully grasp its flow.

However, as treating a drug and alcohol addiction will follow a foundational structure, soon followed by those tailored areas, we can provide some insight for you.

Below we will cover the ins and outs of rehab, from expected steps that you may take to recover, to the importance and process of finding the right rehab experience.

We’re also here to shed some light on what happens after rehab, to provide you with a 360 understanding of its contents.

If you’re able to commit to rehab, yet require some more information on its structure, services, and success rates, we’re here to assist while offering referrals into rehab.

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Why is rehab recommended?

Recommended to most individuals suffering from a substance abuse disorder and/or mental health issues, rehab is a medically endorsed step, down to the value that it brings clients.

It’s like no other step down to the pace, the contents, and the quality that it promotes, through a range of addiction treatment services, withdrawal processes and recovery techniques.

Many individuals will initially consider detoxing from home or NHS treatment services as the first port of call, down to the level of commitment and investment required by private rehab.

However, outlooks soon change, as the offering and experience of private rehab excel.

Moving clients from a state of intoxication to a true chance at leading a sober life, drug and alcohol rehab is a safe and effective way of removing drugs and alcohol from the body, from the mind and from life itself.

To truly gauge its weight, see our answer to ‘what happens in rehab?’, delving into the individual steps of essential recovery.

Therapy for Addiction

What happens in rehab?

Your rehab journey will start as soon as you contact our team at Addiction Advocates. We will assist with your admission into the right rehab clinic, to ensure that you can get the most out of your commitment.

Your health, wellbeing, and ability to complete rehab will also be gauged at this point, again to safeguard your investment.

On your admission into rehab, you’ll then move through the essential steps of recovery, which are described lower down, boasting a range of drug and alcohol treatment services and planning sessions.

United, such steps will lead you through your programme, while also focusing on your wellbeing, on planning for life after rehab, and on elevating your mental health.

Ultimately, what happens in rehab works together to improve your quality of life and strengthen your capabilities of remaining sober.

Advancing you through each step, you’ll gain the tools, the attitudes, the motivations, and the greatest ways of coping to benefit from rehab, leaving you to return to a new sense of normality.

How to find the right rehab centre and programme

You may now be aware of ‘what happens in rehab?’, yet you may lack an understanding of how to secure such experience.

You can find the right rehabilitation centre and programme with our team. We work with our clients to define and deliver suitable rehab experiences, tailored around personal needs.

We can consider your location, your need for outpatient treatment, your need for inpatient treatment, your budget, your health, and your readiness to recover. Combined, we will be fully aware of what it will take for you to positively encounter rehab.

With this knowledge, we can then activate your rehab referral and admission, helping you commence the below steps.

Support Groups

Steps of rehab

Personal programmes of rehab will adapt in contents and length. Yet the majority will follow the below steps, to ensure that key milestones of recovery can be achieved, before embarking on post-rehab life.

  • Detoxification 

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol will kickstart the rehab process. This is necessary to promote withdrawal from such substances while removing all toxins from the body to promote balance.

While withdrawal symptoms may be encountered, through a reputable rehab clinic, such experiences will be comfortable and safe.

  • Drug and alcohol treatment services 

From here, a range of drug and alcohol treatment services, following the inpatient treatment approach will be recommended.

They will be recommended based on your needs and addiction history, to ensure that your time is proactive. You can expect to complete anything from stress management to family therapy and to cognitive behavioural therapy.

  • Dual diagnosis treatment 

If you’re struggling with mental health symptoms, dual diagnosis treatment will be advised for you.

With a focus on rebuilding your mental health and improving your outlooks and emotions, you’ll have a dedicated team to relieve any negative feelings.

  • Relapse prevention 

Covering what happens in rehab, relapse prevention will be an organic next step, equipping clients with life-saving tools and steps to manage drug and alcohol exposure.

Working with a team of specialists, from our affiliation of treatment centres, your own plan will be created to safeguard your post-rehab journey.

  • Post-rehab planning 

It’s vital to plan. This will be the last stage of rehab that you experience, before returning home.

Planning will look at your lifestyle, your coping techniques, and your environments. Change may be required to protect your progression and strengthen your chances of sober living.

What happens after rehab?

Knowing what happens throughout rehab is important, yet so is gaining awareness of post-rehab steps. Here’s where significant tests may arise, depending on how you adjust after rehab.

After rehab, support will continue from your selected treatment centre. You’ll have the autonomy to control your reality, yet aftercare services and sessions will present themselves.

Having a schedule to follow will be beneficial, helping to aim for consistency throughout your lifestyle.

At this point, sobriety should have been experienced, which will direct you towards long-term recovery efforts, making rehab a worthwhile investment.

While efforts to remain sober will need to be preserved, you can feel confident with the progress you will have made through drug and alcohol rehab.

Experiencing rehab through our services here at Addiction Advocates

At Addiction Advocates, we can help you access the above steps, resources, and forms of support, all offered through rehab.

By reaching out, we can start your own recovery process, by working to find a suitable clinic to rehabilitate from.

For more insight into ‘what happens in rehab?’, when considering the exact clinic that you select, reach out for a clearer view.

With knowledge comes confidence, providing you with awareness of what’s ahead throughout rehab.

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