At Addiction Advocates, one of the most commonly asked questions we experience falls around the average length of stay in drug rehab. Are you wondering how long a drug and alcohol rehab stay can last?

While understanding the potential timescale of rehab is convenient and recommended, it is important to remember that your personal stay may be shorter or longer. There are a number of factors which can dictate your time via residential rehab, which we’ve outlined below.

It’s also important to see rehab as a lifeline, as a true opportunity to recover. With this in mind, no matter how long it takes, you should value rehab, its offering and its place when considering your future.

Rehab is a long-term commitment you must embrace. Even if a short rehab stay is recommended, you must see recovery as an ongoing obligation, as a part of your reality moving forward.

By doing so, you will likely accept rehab easier, increasing a positive response to addiction treatment and rehabilitation, offering an efficient rehab stay.

To answer, “how long does rehab take?”, see our below overview. Alternatively, reach out to our team today for a personal estimation on timescales, along with recommendations for your drug and alcohol rehab plan.


The importance of investing time into Addiction Recovery

We currently live in a world where most services are at our disposal. We also have high expectations when considering turnaround periods. This is also the case when considering drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Many of our clients at Addiction Advocates ask us, “how long does rehab take?”, with the expectation of a short stay. Once we reply with the prospect of a 28-day programme, many will feel disheartened.

Unfortunately, overnight addiction treatment doesn’t exist. A cure is far from available when considering drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Down to this, you must invest yourself and your time into residential drug and alcohol rehab.

As addiction recovery is for the long-term, it is recommended that you provide yourself with enough time to prepare for rehab, to detox from drugs and alcohol, to complete residential addiction treatment, and to also withstand an aftercare programme.

While rehab may feel like a long-winded process, it can save your life, your health, your livelihood and your future. No matter how long it takes, if you invest yourself, you will experience a positive return, way above the value of your short-term sacrifice.


How long does Rehab take? Here’s dictating factors

There are a number of factors which can dictate your personal rehab programme. While some individuals can progress through a 7 to 10-day detox programme, without the necessary support of further addiction treatments, for others, a programme can last up to 12 weeks through a mix of residential and outpatient rehab.

As a result of this, please keep an open mind when considering drug and alcohol rehab, and whilst placing your enquiry with our team.

  • Your readiness to recover and acceptance of addiction treatment
    If your readiness to recover is lacking, it’s likely that your acceptance of addiction treatment will be limited. This can delay your initial stages of rehab, which can carry many disruptions. With this in mind, for a positive start, it’s important to be ready for rehab.
  • Your budget
    Your budget can dictate the length of rehab. While our partnering rehab clinics work to a number of budgets, your financial investment will influence how long your rehab experience can last.
  • Your selected drug and alcohol rehab clinic
    All rehab clinics will approach addiction recovery differently. Through our affiliated treatment centres, personal rehab programmes will be promoted. While this will carry a longer detoxification and rehabilitation journey, it will also increase recovery rates.
  • The severity of your drug and alcohol addiction
    If your drug and alcohol addiction is severe, there is a likelihood that you will require greater streams of addiction treatment, resulting in a longer stay. Your acceptance of those addiction treatment options can, however, shorten this time frame.
  • The length and consistency of consumption
    Once an addiction develops, once a build-up of drugs and alcohol is formed, it can be challenging to diminish that connection. While visiting a rehab clinic can motivate this, it can take some time to unravel physical and psychological associations, especially if a large build-up is present.
  • The substance that you’ve abused
    Some substances can be harder to withdraw from. Others will carry greater mental health effects, requiring further streams of addiction treatment. With this in mind, if you’re asking, “how long does rehab take?”, you must consider the strength of the consumed drug.
  • Your physical and psychological health
    Depending on your physical and psychological health, your ability to metabolise drugs and alcohol will vary. This can influence your withdrawal rate, and ability to cope without addictive substances.
  • The type of rehab programme you select
    If you’re opting for outpatient rehab, it’s important to understand that this is a longer process to complete. Whereas if you select residential rehab, your rehab stay can expect to be shorter, down to the intensity of addiction treatment.
  • The type of addiction treatment you require
    Some clients will luckily only require a detox programme. This can influence their rehab stay to fall below average. However, the average client will require a stream of addiction treatment options, formed on a personal basis, usually reaching the 28-day mark.


Rehab and its long-term commitments

As you can see from the above, there are many variables which dictate the formation of your drug and alcohol rehab plan, and the length of your stay. It is however important to remember that the foundation of addiction recovery will only be achievable via rehab.

Your efforts must continue with a long-term commitment towards sober living, helping you truly normalise a life without drugs and alcohol. Without this outlook, you will struggle post-rehab.

To ease this time for you, an aftercare programme will be available, helping you strengthen your foundation of addiction recovery.

Understandably, you may hope for greater accuracy when considering the average length of stay in drug rehab. This is however difficult to provide without understanding your needs via a drug and alcohol rehab facility.

Once we have a greater understanding, we can provide estimations to your question of “how long does rehab take?”.

Reach out today to begin this process along with receiving our support at Addiction Advocates with your rehab admission and referral process.