How Can I Convince Someone To Go To Rehab?

When an addiction or mental health disorder comes to impair an individual’s life, it can be somewhat difficult for them to admit that they need help.

Reviewed Medically reviewed by Dr Alexander Lapa (Psychiatrist) | Updated 14/09/2021

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How Can I Convince Someone To Go To Rehab?
Updated on 14/09/2021
Medically reviewed by
Dr Alexander Lapa (Psychiatrist)

Sadly, this sees many go without the treatment they need. Regrettably, when treatment is not sought, addictions and mental health disorders escalate extremely quickly.

If you are concerned that a loved one, friend or employee is struggling with an addiction or mental health disorder, you may find yourself searching for answers to the question, “how can I convince someone to go to rehab?”.

Should this resonate with you, we have provided a plethora of advice and guidance for you to review below.

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Convincing Someone To Go To Rehab

As you become aware of changes in a loved ones, friends or employee’s behaviour and begin to suspect that they may be struggling with either an addiction or mental health disorder, your first thought may be, “how can I convince someone to go to rehab?”.

Although this is entirely normal, when an individual requires rehabilitation, it is less about convincing them to go to rehab, and more about providing them with the information that they need to encourage them to go to rehab.

While you may question this, it is important to understand that individuals who require treatment via a rehab are less likely to secure treatment when they are unsure of their rehab options or do not have sufficient information surrounding the treatment they may need.

Considering this, if you are hoping to convince someone to go to rehab, you firstly need to familiarise yourself with the various options surrounding rehab, rehab treatment and the process of securing treatment.

In doing so, you will have the opportunity to approach the individual struggling with an addiction or mental health disorder and help them understand the support available to them.

To help you as you look to convince someone to go to rehab, we have answered several frequently asked questions surrounding rehab below.

What Are The Rehabilitation Options In The United Kingdom?

Across the United Kingdom, the two main rehabilitation options are NHS rehabilitation and private rehabilitation.

NHS rehabilitation is free of charge and is typically offered on an outpatient basis.  In contrast, private rehabilitation is often residential and comes at a cost.

How Is Treatment Administered?

The way in which treatment is administered entirely depends on the treatment required.

For example, if an individual has developed an alcohol addiction, they will undergo a medically-induced detoxification, which is administered via oral medication, rehabilitation, which is administered through the employment of talking therapies, and aftercare support.

The rehab that an individual attends will also determine how the treatment is administered.  As noted above, NHS rehabs typically only offer outpatient rehabilitation.  Meanwhile, private rehabs offer residential rehab treatment.

What Disorders Can A Rehab Provide Treatment For?

Rehabs across the country continue to provide treatment for a wealth of addictions and mental health disorders.

What Disorders Can A Rehab Provide Treatment For?

While many individuals believe that treatment can only be provided for common drug and alcohol addictions, this is not true.

Treatment is available for many drug addictions, alcohol addictions, gambling addictions and other behavioural addictions.

Many NHS and private rehabs also provide treatment for mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and stress.

When an addiction and mental health disorder coexist, dual diagnosis treatment is widely available.

What Treatment Will Be Provided?

As you look to convince someone to go to rehab, educating yourself on the treatment that may be provided is vital.

Although the treatment provided will be dependent upon the addiction or mental health disorder, much of the treatment provided by a rehab consists of detoxification and rehabilitation.

Individuals struggling with a substance addiction will need to undergo a medically-induced detoxification upon commencing treatment.

Detoxification essentially helps the brain and body withdraw from the toxins that have been administered.  In turn, individuals that have become addicted to drugs or alcohol can begin to recover physically.

Rehabilitation combines many therapies, such as talking therapies, psychological therapies, well-being therapies and holistic therapies.

Irrespective of the therapy provided for an addiction or mental health disorder, therapy helps individuals identify the root cause of their addiction and triggers that could cause them to relapse in the future.

Is Securing Treatment At A Rehab Difficult?

What Disorders Can A Rehab Provide Treatment For?

Contrary to belief, securing treatment at a rehab is not difficult.  Thanks to our referral service, we have made it incredibly easy for an individual to secure treatment.

By conducting a pre-admissions assessment, here at Addiction Advocates, we take the stress of locating a suitable rehab from an individual’s shoulders and instead find a rehab that can cater to their needs on their behalf.

Considering factors such as the addiction, the mental health disorder, the severity of the addiction or disorder and the physical and psychological ramifications experienced, we guarantee that individuals who contact us can secure and commence treatment with ease.

What Support Is Available After Rehab?

Upon completing a rehabilitation programme, 12-months of free aftercare support is provided. Aftercare support assists many in maintaining their sobriety and securing a long-term recovery.


Referrals and Interventions

As you consider how you can convince someone to go to rehab and ensure that they are aware of the information shared above, you may sadly find that your help is rejected.

Regrettably, this will once again leave you questioning, “how can I convince someone to go to rehab?”.

Should this resonate with you, staging a referral or intervention may be the best solution. Rehab referrals and interventions can be made and staged by family members, friends and employers.

The aim of referrals and interventions is to convince someone to go to rehab and secure the support they need.

Referrals and interventions also ensure that the individual in question comes to appreciate that they need help.

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Here at Addiction Advocates, we can assist you as you ask yourself, “how can I convince someone to go to rehab?”.

Although we hope the information shared above will be of assistance, we welcome you to contact us today to uncover how you can convince someone to go to rehab.

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