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Family Referrals

Are you witnessing a family member or loved one live through the motions of an addiction? Are you hoping to support them, yet feel unsure of how to approach the topic of rehabilitation?

Behavioural addictions and commonly linked mental health problems are very challenging to live with for the affected person. Yet, this self-destructive behaviour can also be very difficult for family members to watch and deal with. In most cases, if you’re seeing someone you love damage their life through drugs and alcohol, you’ll likely want to support them. You’ll probably aim to motivate addiction recovery. However, without specialist insight, it can be difficult to follow the correct direction, motivating recovery, rather than hindering.

Through our family referrals, we can help you start the process of acknowledgment, while guiding you through the most appropriate approaches. We can compassionately speak to your loved one, helping them understand your concerns and need for recovery. Via our family referrals, we can increase the acceptance of rehab visits, with the hope to result in an admission.

Please do not attempt to deal with addiction alone. Through family referrals, we can ensure that everyone involved is supported and guided.

Why select family referrals into rehab?

Without the correct approach, discussing potential rehabilitation can unknowingly aggravate addictive triggers. Following a direct and unsupportive approach can also lead to potential relationship breakdowns.

To avoid either scenarios, reaching out for support through our family referrals will be advantageous. Here you will be provided with guidance on approaching conversations surrounding addiction recovery. You will be provided with support for yourself, while witnessing your family member abuse drugs and alcohol. You’ll also experience a proactive attempt to increase the prospect of rehab visits.

All in all, through family referrals, you’ll be able to help your loved one in a timely and effective way. Going back and forth, delaying support or causing greater family divides can be avoided via our services here at Addiction Advocates.

Our family referral services here at Addiction Advocates 

It is important to note that not all family referrals will result in the instant welcome of rehab. It can take some time for your affected family member to warm to the idea and trust the rehabilitation process.  

Yet, by reaching out to our team and sharing your concerns regarding addictive behaviours, we can increase susceptibility of recovery prospects by speaking to your loved one. We can utilise the support of therapists to uncover the causation of an addiction, known to usually motivate the desire to recover. We can further facilitate family treatment options and discussions to commence the recovery process.   

If addiction treatment is accepted by your loved one, our family referrals into rehab can offer suitable recommendations for visiting the most suitable facility. Likewise, the greatest quality of care and addiction treatment will be secured, helping to advance addiction recovery.  

Through our guidance, we can help you approach your loved one with a compassionate and non-judgmental angle. We can offer support on family interventions, while confidentially talking to your loved one about their addiction and the chance to recover.   

Via our family referrals, you’ll be able to help your loved one even more than you’d imagine. You’ll have the opportunity to motivate addiction recovery, sooner than later. Reach out to make the most of our specialist family referrals here at Addiction Advocates.  

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