The Overdose Epidemic

Across the globe, the overdose epidemic is resulting in concerning and sad scenarios.

Considering countries such as America and the UK, drug-related crimes are on the up, drug-related deaths are on the up, and overdose rates are on the up.

Down to the normalisation of drug consumption, down to incorrect perceptions on the risks of prescription medications, down to a lack of awareness, the overdose epidemic is developing, with a focus on opioids.

Commonly, illegal drugs are identified to be dangerous. However, opioids, available through prescriptions are misread, are downplayed by users.

Unfortunately, this lack of education and awareness is resulting in many prescription drug addictions. In some of these situations, uncontrolled opioid addictions are resulting in life-threatening health problems and overdoses.

Down to this increase and the detrimental impacts it carries, it is very important that as a society, we begin to reduce the normalisation of drug abuse, along with increasing accessibility to leading addiction treatment at private drug and alcohol rehab.

As professionals, to overcome the overdose epidemic, searching for additional pain relief techniques and medications is required, to help reduce fixations on prescription drugs.

Through these combined efforts, there’s hope that the opioid overdose epidemic will reduce, saving the lives of many, saving the heartache for the majority.


What is Driving the Overdose Epidemic?

Excessive drug abuse can lead to an overdose. Unfortunately, this is the sad reality for many. Yet, this is usually associated with illegal, highly addictive and hazardous drugs.

However, the current overdose epidemic is seen to be affecting America through the rise of prescription opioid abuse. Luckily, greater education and awareness of these dangers have reduced the devastating impacts of the overdose epidemic in America.

However, this problem is still yet to reduce for the UK, down to a lack of resources, down to plummeting NHS funds, down to the stigma attached to rehabilitation.

The overdose epidemic which is linked to prescribed opioids has started down to the harmless branding prescription medications carry. In the UK, medical professionals are viewed as credible, along with our healthcare system.

Down to this credible outlook, many will believe that taking prescription drugs is safe. By following guidelines, those opioids are safe to use. Yet, by misusing opioids, many individuals are developing the signs of an addiction.

Down to a lack of focus on diagnosing opioids addictions, some individuals are falling through the cracks, contributing to the overdose epidemic.

To reduce the overdose epidemic, to gain greater traction on the dangers of ongoing drug abuse, similar steps should be implemented, following America’s footsteps.

Through combined efforts, by increasing the hazardous risks of misused prescription drugs, reducing the overdose rates within the UK, and soon followed by the world will be possible.


The Dangers of Ongoing Opioid Abuse

If you’re currently abusing opioids that have been prescribed to you, it is important that you understand the associated dangers, along with the risk of overdose.

Although an overdose will not be experienced by every individual, there is a risk that dangerous levels of opioids can enter the system. By consumption medications that are deemed to be safe, by viewing them as harmless, higher quantities are consumed on a consistent basis.

This behaviour is very dangerous, Increasing the risk of an overdose. Although you may believe that the overdose epidemic will brush past you, this sad experience can, unfortunately, happen to anyone.

The result of excessive opioid abuse cannot be controlled. Yet, your consumption can be controlled, with the aim to reduce your overdose risk.

If you’re affected by addiction, excessive misuse of prescription drugs or overdose risks, reach out to our team here at Addiction Advocates for our professional support.


Overcoming the Overdose Epidemic on a Global Scale

In order to overcome the opioid overdose epidemic, a global strategy must be implemented. Without a united front, the harmless branding of opioids may continue to circulate in our societies, causing higher deaths than further physical and mental health conditions.

Here are some steps that society and professionals can take to overcome the overdose epidemic.


  • Increased accessibility to drug addiction treatment

Many individuals will fall through the cracks by experiencing low accessibility rates to high-quality drug addiction treatment. Through great pressures on the NHS, free treatment services are sparse. On the other end of the spectrum, private alcohol rehab is available, however, this scale isn’t accessible to all.

Increased accessibility to progressive treatment programmes is required to work through the overdose epidemic.


  • Greater education and awareness of drug abuse

As misconceptions are set on prescription drugs, greater education and awareness of drug abuse and its dangers are required. Through similar efforts in America, self-referrals have increased, breaking the stigma of reaching out for support.

This is an immediate necessity required by the UK to reduce overdose rates.


  • Better testing on Opioid drugs and their addictive characteristics

As some opioid drugs do carry addictive tendencies, greater testing should be completed on prescription drugs. Through these tests, prescriptions carrying reduced addictive tendencies can be prescribed, with the hope to have a direct effect on addiction rates.


  • Opting for natural medications or alternative therapies

As opioid drugs are driving the overdose epidemic, opting for natural medications and therapies will be recommended. Although pain conditions are predominantly controlled through opioids, unorthodox therapies are available, known to also treat pain.

Through vast research and acceptance, further treatments may have the potential to override prescription medications, helping to tackle both addiction and overdose rates.


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To many, the overdose epidemic may be unfamiliar. However, for others, it’s their reality, causing lasting damages for many families.

Working through this epidemic is very important, helping to reduce the normalisation of drug abuse, along with lowering the number of drug-related deaths in the UK and across the globe.

If you’re personally affected by drug abuse, feel free to reach out to our team. Without control, life-threatening experiences can turn into your reality. If you’re also hoping to contribute to reducing the overdose epidemic, we will stand by you here at Addiction Advocates.