What Is Rehab? 

Here is some insight into the realism of rehabilitation steps, available through our referral services here at Addiction Advocates.

Reviewed Medically reviewed by Dr Alexander Lapa (Psychiatrist) | Updated 14/09/2021

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What Is Rehab?
Updated on 14/09/2021
Medically reviewed by
Dr Alexander Lapa (Psychiatrist)

Rehab may have been recommended to you by a medical professional or by a loved one. Commonly the case for those displaying problems with substance abuse disorders, rehab is the most effective, utilised recovery service.

However, with that recommendation comes a wealth of anxiety and unfamiliarity, painting it as an unwelcoming step.

Are you questioning the context, the role, and the workings of rehab? ‘What is rehab?’ is in fact a commonly asked question here at Addiction Advocates, down to its unknowing imagery.

What we do know is that rehab is universal, it’s a globally endorsed service and it’s backed by accredited professionals for the long-term results that it motivates.

Yet, what potential clients do not know, are the important details, benefits and processes of drug and alcohol rehab.

Here’s a legitimate, transparent outlook into the workings of rehab, to provide insight, assurance, and expectations of what’s ahead.

Through greater awareness, you’ll hopefully feel a greater sense of comfort to act on the recommendation of rehab, which we can assist with confidentially.

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What is rehab? – A legitimate outlook

Rehab, specifically drug and alcohol rehab help individuals who are struggling with any degree of dependence on drugs and/or alcohol.

It’s a service that welcomes individuals to accept and complete a 28-day residential programme, which promotes the advancement from consumption to withdrawal and rebuilds.

It stands as the only service which can secure recovery forecasts, safe forms of withdrawal, followed by a personalised treatment programme, and sustainable opportunities for recovery.

Going up against the likes of NHS treatment services and detox clinics, private rehab is renowned for its consistent, urgent, and effective approach to tackling addiction and mental health problems.

Addiction Therapy

How does rehab work?

The offering of drug and alcohol rehab works by assigning clients to suitable rehabilitation programmes.

By understanding needs and benchmarking them against the contents of rehab, a personal programme can be formed.

That programme works by moving clients from a state of intoxication, through addiction recovery milestones, to reach sobriety.

Yet not only that, but it also helps to unravel psychological attachments, it promotes the support of relapse prevention planning, and it all in all increases the quality of life.

Its contribution of efforts makes residential rehabilitation a sought-after service for the change that it can inspire, by growing from the necessity of drug and alcohol exposure.

What to expect at rehab?

While you may know the answers to ‘what is rehab?’, it can be difficult to gauge expectations of rehab, without experiencing it. Yet luckily, we have significant insight here at Addiction Advocates, helping to provide some degree of relatability.

From rehab, you can expect a progressive, positive, structured, comfortable, and advancing experience. It will provide you with the tools, motivations, and steps to recover from addiction, to take forward through long-term recovery.

Rehab is designed to provide a reliable and specialist helping hand through addiction recovery, no matter the type or degree of addiction. You can expect just that if you embrace residential rehabilitation offerings.

Therapy for Addiction

What are the stages of rehab?

A programme of drug and alcohol rehabilitation will be broken into several different stages.

The first stage starts off with your referral and admission into rehab, which we arrange here at Addiction Advocates.

From finding the right rehab clinic to recover from to arranging your stay, we are here for you.

The second stage will focus on detoxification, which will promote physical disconnect and withdrawal from drugs and alcohol.

Medically protected and supported, you can look to reach a point where drug and alcohol cravings will dwindle.

The third stage, based around your needs will focus on addiction therapies and treatments which will inspire psychological restoration.

Here’s where you can face your emotions, work through any trauma or stress, learn to digest your emotions, and change your outlook on substance abuse.

The fourth stage of active rehab focuses on post-rehab steps, which includes relapse prevention planning and wellbeing management. Such steps will help to strengthen the tools you’ve obtained, along with protecting your recovery efforts.

The final stage of rehab will be aftercare, which will be offered through your existing rehab clinic.

Here’s the final offering of support that you’ll experience, which will guide you through sobriety and provide you with even greater motivation and direction to reach your addiction recovery goals.

All stages of rehab can be experienced on a residential basis, with professional backing, helping to protect wellbeing and recovery capabilities.

All are also necessary and will be worthwhile once sobriety has been reached.

What are the benefits of rehab?

There are many benefits of rehab, which can be experienced by those who dedicate themselves. As it’s a tailored service through reputable rehab clinics, it will offer the greatest chances of recovery.

Paired with the quality of therapies and treatments, and the care of dedicated teams, rehab is worth its investment.

You can expect to be welcomed with an environment that is set up for residential recovery, you can look at encountering self-development at its greatest level, and you can experience such change while also detaching from drugs and alcohol.

The role of rehab is different for everyone. It can benefit you by fulfilling the role that you currently require through your addiction recovery journey.


What are the different types of rehab treatments?

Therapies and treatments make the offering of rehab unique. Standard services are essential, such as detoxification and cognitive behavioural therapy.

Yet for personal experiences of addiction, therapies are personally recommended, including anything from stress management, exposure therapy, family therapy, relapse prevention and dual diagnosis treatment.

Treatments are accredited, as medically backed, and are combined to help you move through the stages of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Rehab Questions

How soon can I leave rehab?

The average rehab experience will last 28 days. It is encouraged that you remain within rehab for the length of your programme to benefit the most from it.

By leaving too soon, you will miss a vital stage of your recovery journey, where remaining triggers, emotional connections, anxieties, and cravings may reside.

Rehab is a rapid process, which if completed will be followed by aftercare which offers flexibility, autonomy, and the realism of sobriety.

You can encounter such support by immersing yourself in drug and alcohol rehab.

What is rehab? Find out transparently here at Addiction Advocates

If you still have any questions or concerns about rehab, we’re here for you. There’s a lot to cover, which can be done through your pre-admission process here at addiction Advocates, fully delving into ‘what is rehab?’.

Contact us today to experience rehab for yourself, with our transparent, professional input as immediate support.

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Recommendations include specialist addiction treatment programmes in CQC regulated facilities based throughout the UK.

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