What is A Detox Wing?

Published 25 November 2022, in
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A detox wing is a safe, quiet place in rehab where you will go through your detoxification period. You will have your own room and be placed under full-time supervision while you pass through any withdrawal symptoms. Help Through Detox Addiction is a very serious medical condition that requires specialised treatment to deal with. It

Leaving Inheritance with a Drug Addict

Published 11 November 2022, in
  • Family Intervention

Whilst this may be a unique subject, it should be broached with sensitivity and openness. If you are concerned about leaving your inheritance to a family member/friend or person struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, you may fear the repercussions of giving them a sum of money. The worry you may feel regarding how

Can I Get Help Supporting a Drug Addict?

Published 20 October 2022, in
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Can I Get Help Supporting a Drug Addict? Drug addiction is a disease that doesn’t just affect the person with the habit. The negative impacts of addiction ripple out – with family members, friends, and co-workers all bearing consequences. As a loved one of a drug addict, it is natural that you want to help

How to Talk to a Friend About Their Drinking Problem

Published 14 October 2022, in
  • Addiction Treatments

It can be difficult to witness someone you care for going through alcohol or drug addiction. When it comes to talking to a friend about a drinking problem, your approach needs to be empathetic, informed and pre-planned. If you require support or guidance, you can call our addiction helpline for information.   Recognising the Signs

Opioid Use UK

Published 11 October 2022, in
  • Painkillers

Opioid Use in The Uk Opioid use in the UK is a growing concern. While opioids are effective at treating pain, they can be dangerous when used improperly. Here we will examine opioid use in the UK, including the dangers of opioids and why they are prescribed in primary care. What are Opioids? Opioids are

Do Drug and Alcohol Addictions Increase Suicide Risk?

Published 22 September 2022, in
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Drugs and alcohol can have a significant impact on your health. Alcohol misuse alone is the most significant risk factor for death, ill-health and disability among 15-49 year-olds in the UK and the fifth biggest risk factor across all ages.1 Illegal and prescription drug abuse is not as widespread but can still be extremely harmful

How Do I Wean Myself Off Codeine?

Published 9 September 2022, in
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Codeine is a painkiller used to alleviate mild to severe pain. On its own, it is a medication prescribed by a doctor but does turn up in some cough medicines and tablets. Whilst it is a legal opiate, many people develop a painkiller addiction. Continued use of codeine means that your tolerance to it builds

Can A Hangover Cause Panic Attacks?

Published 22 August 2022, in
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Does Alcohol Cause Anxiety? When a person drinks a large amount of alcohol, they are more likely to experience a severe hangover the next day, especially if this is at the end of a few days of binge drinking. Under normal circumstances, hangovers are never comfortable. They tend to be caused by dehydration as alcohol

Signs Of Prescription Drug Addiction

Published 22 August 2022, in
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What is Prescription Drug Addiction? Prescription drug addiction is when a person develops an addiction to a drug that should only be obtained and used through prescription. This is often to prescription pain killers such as morphine, codeine and co-codamol. Just like any other drug addiction, addiction to prescription drugs can be very dangerous and

How To Tell Your Kids You Need To Go To Rehab

Published 22 July 2022, in
  • Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Going to rehab is tricky enough without telling your kids. What do you say to them? Is there a right time? And how will they take it? At Addiction Advocates, we regularly advise patients on what to say to their kids. We’ve rounded up the most important points to consider.   What Is Rehab? Explaining

What Will Happen To My Kids if I Go To Rehab?

Published 11 July 2022, in
  • Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab

  If you’re a parent who is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, you might be worried about going to rehab. After all, who is going to look after your child while you’re away? And will admitting that you’ve got a problem mean that you lose access to them? These are completely normal questions to

Are Magic Mushrooms Dangerous?

Published 8 July 2022, in
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What Are Magic Mushrooms? Magic mushrooms are a type of mushroom that contains a chemical called psilocybin [9] [8] which causes hallucinogenic effects. They are a naturally occurring psychoactive that evolved to be this way in order to prevent them from being eaten. As they are able to cause hallucinations and a high sensation, many

Do People Still Take LSD?

Published 30 June 2022, in
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The high’s from LSD are often known as an acid trip or a psychedelic experience. However, the technical term is called LSD intoxication. During LSD intoxication, the use may experience a range of effects to their sensory organs, including their vision. They may also experience intense emotions such as euphoria and changes in their thought

How Long Does it Take to get Addicted to Alcohol?

Published 13 May 2022, in
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Addiction and especially alcohol addiction, is a complex thing. It is a unique experience for each person struggling with excessive drinking and an alcohol dependency. This means that there is no simple answer to how long it takes to get addicted to alcohol. It depends on many different factors that can come from biology, history

Understanding Cross Addiction

Published 2 May 2022, in
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  • Mental Health

If you’re suffering with a drug or alcohol addiction, you may find that your addictive behaviours cross over into other areas of your life. This is called cross addiction. Commonly confused with dual diagnosis, cross addiction is diagnosed when someone has two or more addictions. In this blog, we explore the term in more detail