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Cannabis is a widely used drug. Favoured for its ability to relax both the body and mind, it is regularly used by those suffering with pain conditions and mental health problems. However, through consistent consumption, there is a high probability of developing a cannabis addiction. Enquire Now
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Although illegal, cannabis is perceived as risk-free. Many users deny the addictive tendencies it can influence. Yet, through its THC content, and vast research, cannabis is in fact an addictive drug when abused over a long period of time, usually resulting in a strong psychological dependence.

In this instance, it is important that users consider the cognitive damages experienced, along with potential cardiovascular deterioration, and further negative associations of addiction. To work through and overcome these damages, rehabilitation is a must. Starting with a cannabis detox, to reduce both a physical and mental dependence, followed by alternative therapies, treatment services are a must to motivate withdrawal.

If you’re looking for a way out of the reality cannabis abuse has created, reach out to our team here at Addiction Advocates. Through our referral services, we can find you the most effective treatment options, starting with a beneficial cannabis detox.

Why withdraw from cannabis in a controlled environment?

Cannabis withdrawal is the process of removing the drug from the body, commonly through a cannabis detox. If the drug has been abused over a long period of time, on a consistent basis, it is very likely that a tolerance will accumulate. As the full desired effects of cannabis are aimed for, the quantity of cannabis will be increased by users. Here is where a cannabis addiction can and will develop if control is lacking.

As an addiction grows, the body and brain will become custom to the higher levels of THC in the bloodstream. Likewise, the same goes for the artificial levels of dopamine. When withdrawing from cannabis, here is where challenges will lie as the dependence your body and cognitive functioning have on the drug will slip, resulting in shock, known as withdrawal symptoms.

Marijuana withdrawal symptoms can go from moderate, straight to chronic, especially if vast cognitive changes have been experienced. This is exactly why a medical cannabis detox, in a controlled environment should be completed, helping to boost the effectiveness of the detox process, while guarding health and safety.

Without completing a cannabis detox in a controlled environment, those withdrawal symptoms can become unbearable, along with disrupting the success of the detox process. With this in mind, physical and psychological detox from marijuana should be opted for through a rehab facility, with the guidance of medical professionals. Here is where a structured and success driven cannabis detox will be offered, slowly reducing the drugs presence, helping the body and mind safely adjust; something we can help with here at Addiction Advocates.

Commonly experienced withdrawal symptoms

By completing a cannabis detox, withdrawal symptoms are expected. Withdrawal symptoms are the body and brain’s way of responding to shock. As comfort levels begin to reduce, down to decreased levels of cannabis in the system, natural reactions are likely through the detox process.

Commonly, the first 48 hours of detoxing from cannabis will present withdrawal symptoms. After a few days without cannabis, especially if long-term abuse has been experienced, this withdrawal process through a medical detox can become unbearable; exactly why a controlled and medically supervised detox process is advised.

Although withdrawal symptoms will differ between marijuana users, there are commonplace processes in which the physical and psychological systems will go through.

Psychological withdrawal symptoms

As cannabis consumption, over the long-term, affects the brain’s functionality, capacity and reliance, great psychological withdrawal symptoms are unfortunately likely through a cannabis detox. From insomnia and irritability, to depression, anxiety and paranoia, these quick changes will trigger similar symptoms of mental health conditions.

Physical withdrawal symptoms

Physical withdrawal symptoms are also likely when completing a cannabis detox. Although these side effects are usually moderate, paired with psychological withdrawal can be challenging. From nausea and sweating, to migraines and tremors, the body will naturally respond to the reduced level of cannabis.

As withdrawal symptoms can be difficult to control, sometimes leading to further substance abuse, coordinated cannabis detox programmes are encouraged. Through this approach, alternative addiction treatment and medications can be used to alleviate withdrawal from cannabis.

Psychological detoxification

A cannabis detox must be completed to work through both physical and psychological side effects. With this in mind, alongside a physical detox process, additional addiction treatment options must be activated, especially when considering the strength of a dependence.

Psychotherapy, therapy sessions and support groups will commonly be used to detox from cannabis mentally. Likewise, cognitive behavioural therapy and motivational therapy are effective treatment options to utilise in tandem with a cannabis detox, helping to progress through the withdrawal symptoms.

This step is very important as the predominance of addictions are both physical and psychological connections. Without completing a psychological detox process, there is high potential that cannabis abuse will restart later down the line.

To benefit from the success of both a physical and psychological cannabis detox, contact our team here at Addiction Advocates. We can recommend the most effective addiction treatment options, to work around your personal needs. However, please be aware that a cannabis detox will be initially prioritised, helping to kickstart the addiction recovery process.


How long does a cannabis detox take?

Although a cannabis detox can be completed efficiently, when long-term abuse has taken place, there is a likelihood that traces of the drug will remain for a period of time. Without completing a structured cannabis detox, these traces can remain high, commonly influencing further consumption.

The detox process will differ for all cannabis users. This will depend on the severity and length of a cannabis addiction, along with how the body and mind respond to withdrawal. In some cases, a cannabis detox can take 7 days, while for others greater detoxification will be required, as traces can be found in body fat cells for up to 13 days.

With this in mind, it is important to note that a cannabis detox can take some time. However, it will be worthwhile when completed through a treatment facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to naturally detox from Cannabis?
It is not always advised to detox from cannabis naturally, especially if you have a severe addiction and we would always recommend consulting a medical professional for their approval before hand. But a natural detox is possible through ceasing your consumption completely along with regular exercise, optimal hydration and avoiding foods such as red meats
How long does it take to detox from Cannabis?
The rate at which you complete a full cannabis detox all depend largely on your individual cannabis addiction and its severity. If you have abused cannabis for a very long time, and consume very large quantities, the likelihood of a quick detox is slim. Detox programmes typically last up to two weeks from cannabis, but this is dependent on the individual.
How long does it take for cannabis to leave the body?
This largely depends on the amount consumed and how often the user consumes it. However the body typically metabolises cannabis very quickly, although there can be lingering traces of metabolites. The THC metabolites can stay in your system, sometimes after 20 hours whereas some can actually remain in the system for up to 14 days in body fat.
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