Dual Diagnosis Treatment is extremely important to more than 80% of people needing treatment. Dual diagnosis means that not only is there an addiction issue, but also a mental health issue as well. The umportantnce of finding a dual diagnosis rehab center is the level of care available to you. Depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, undiagnosed or under-treated ADHD, and other psychological issues are the most common dual diagnosis conditions we work with.  

Dual diagnosis rehab focuses on treating the mental illness while working through the addiction.  In many cases, the substance abuse is the cause of the mental health issue.  More often then not, patients have been misdiagnoses or improperly medicated for their mental illness, leading to drug and alcohol abuse to feel better. They may also be overmedicated in the case of anxiety disorders, and this can create a backlash effect. For depression, the treatment management plan could be less than what is needed or the use of alcohol could be creating an even deeper depression. 

The importance of entering a dual diagnosis center for those diagnosed can't be under stated. Issues such as trauma, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, ADHD, and compulsive disorders are risk factors for relapse and require a higher level of care while in treatment for safely overcoming addiction. More often that not, substance abuse and addiction are created as a way to cope with the mental illness that can be managed through proper medication and counseling. Essentially, what is viewed as an addiction issue is simply an individual self medicating for underlying mental health issues, which can be successfully managed for the long term, rather than the short term relief provided by drug and alcohol. 

Most people we work with that have a dual diagnosis need have heard that they are just depressed, and need to cheer up.  Or that their anxiety is in the mind, and isn't real.  The truth of the matter is that once you have lived with these illnesses, your life isn't viewed the same, leading them to use more and more drugs.  Eventually, addiction will form in one way or another, requiring a dual diagnosis center to help the individual break the addiction and also learn to manage their depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other psychological issues. 

If you are in need of help find a quality dual diagnosis treatment center, please call us today.  We are a free resource for those in need of help.