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Cocaine Detox

Want to leave a cocaine addiction behind? If so, the cocaine detox process leads you down one of the best paths you could pick, but it is not the easiest one. Nevertheless, the fact that you have made the choice to get some help is really brave, and your efforts will be a success when proper supervision in a reputable facility is offered. 

Do you feel the urge to get some help? Or do you have a loved one who could benefit from some hands-on care and support while they plot their route to recovery? In either case, waiting until the eleventh hour just won’t cut it; that’s why it’s vital to seek some help through this trying time.

Right from first contact, our dedicated and experienced team will ensure you get all the attention, care and information you need to brave this journey. Rest assured this does not have to be the end of the road for you, your loved one or anyone addicted to cocaine; we can offer you all the help you need to kick this addiction through our cocaine rehab program.

What Happens During Cocaine Detox? 

The good news is that the detox process for cocaine is a tad bit milder than it is with a range of other substances. Nevertheless, it’s still quite tasking and you need all the help you can get. The bane of your existence at this point is the cravings for cocaine that are sure to show up along the way. In fact, physical symptoms are not quite on the table, the main battle takes place in the mind.  

All in all, the detox process begins once the decision to stop using has been made. Making up your mind to do this is one thing, but you have to wean your body off its dependency on the drug. That’s where the intense cravings turn up and as such, detoxing at home could have you traveling down a slippery slope.  

In all the treatment facilities we work with, you are guaranteed a drug-free environment, unconditional support, as well as the tools and medication you need for the treatment of cocaine addiction. 

What to Expect From Cocaine Withdrawal 

As it is with all substance abuse, cocaine users go through a period of intense cravings. Altogether, both the mind and body must learn to live without the intense release of dopamine that usually follows. For the most part of it, the side effects here are psychological but there will be a handful of physical symptoms here and there. These symptoms will carry on until the drug is completely eradicated from the system; it’s not pleasant, but it’s a process you need to ride through.   

With that being said, it’s also worth noting that the symptoms that crop up once the detox process is in progress, will vary from person to person. On the physical side, there are tremors, muscle aches, restlessness, and hyperactivity. Meanwhile, on the psychological front, nightmares, increased appetite, suicidal thoughts, anger and of course, intense cravings may also be experienced.  

Also, when the withdrawal kicks in, you feel a lot better physically; however, the cravings do come back from time to time.  

Is Cocaine Detox Dangerous? 

The detox period is not meant to be dangerous, but it could be the worse thing you’ve ever tried if you go through it on your own. This is the reason you need to be monitored at all times because as much as cocaine abuse is no joke, withdrawal can be even worse. Most, if not every medical professional will recommend you find one of the numerous treatment centers to wait out the storm.  

The good news is that most of the treatment centers we work with ensure that cocaine users are monitored round the clock during the detox process. Even better is the fact that there will be prescription medication made available to ensure that you get through the cocaine detox process without losing your mind.

How Long Does the Detox Process Last? 

The truth is that it differs per individual, but there’s a standard period of up to seven days. During this time, it’s not just about sweating it out, there’s a range of activities most facilities will have lined up to ensure that the treatment program goes smoothly.  

At this point, you will receive personal counseling which will further help you get the right mindset to reduce the tendency of a relapse. Once the detox process is done and dusted, it’ll be regular therapy sessions as well as counseling which will further help to reinforce your reserves. 

Life After Cocaine Detox 

Unfortunately, detox is only one step on the road to recovery, as there are other measures to take afterward to ensure that you remain on the straight and narrow. In partnership with a number of CQC approved facilities, there’s an array of rehabilitation programs that will make life after a detox a tad bit easier.  

All in all, during the rehab process, you can deal with any causal issues that eventually led to the addiction. Through therapy and counseling sessions, it gets a little bit easier to deal with life without the euphoria and effects of cocaine altogether. No doubt, it’s a deep process of self-discovery and really learning what brings on the need to use. Once that’s in the bag, you can further learn how to deal with these causal issues head-on without turning to cocaine. 

If you’re still unsure if seeking help is your best bet, the range of health problems that occur with such an addiction should be the main reason to seek the help you need. According to the National Institute On Drug Abuse, short term effects such as insomnia, psychosis, and heart problems are a few them. In the long run, there’s also nasal damage, lung damage, infection of bowel tissues among others. 

Get the Help You Need 

Cocaine addiction can truly ruin lives, so if you or a family member needs help, reach out to the Addiction Advocates. We will follow your case religiously from inception up till the point you are ready to stand on your own two feet. With our contacts and your will to get better, you or your loved one stand a fighting chance against, especially while undergoing cocaine detox. 

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