How to Take the First Step in Overcoming an Addiction to Alcohol


You crave it. 

But it's destroyed your relationships and possibly your health. Alcohol addiction is a very serious disease. It can derail your entire life. 

Overcoming addiction isn't easy. But it is necessary if you want to lead a full life. 

Are you ready to start your journey toward sobriety? Keep reading. 

Change Your Environment 

It's easy to slip into old habits. You meet your drinking buddies every day after work, you go to your favorite happy hour a few times a week. 

Your routine and possibly your environment need to change. It's true that you take yourself with you wherever you go. But it's also true that new surroundings can foster new habits. 

Everything that you should be with the goal of improving your life and beating your addiction. 

Find Support 

Everything is easier if you have friends on your side. Battling alcohol addiction will take every ounce of your strength. When you're trying to build a new existence for yourself, you need support. 

It can come in many forms. You can join a support group specifically devoted to helping people with addiction. Every major city has a group you can find. 

Or, you can find support in other ways. There are meetup groups devoted to almost any subject that you can imagine. Hanging out with sober people in a fun environment distracts your brain. 

Get Healthy 

Alcohol wreaks havoc on your health. Simply not drinking anymore will be enough to see an improvement. However, you should go further. 

You need to figure out a way to relate to your body. It's a cliche but it's true. Healthy eating and exercise really will make you feel better. You'll learn that you need alcohol to thrive. 

Getting started is tough. 

See a Professional

Often, you're driven to drink because of emotional problems. Issues like depression and anxiety are intimately wound up with addiction. 

Seeing a professional therapist is a way to work through your feelings. Your problems won't disappear. But you will learn how to manage them in a healthier way. 

If you don't have insurance, there are free counseling centers connected to colleges and churches. You can also save money by opting for online-only counseling. 

Be Honest 

Be honest with yourself. You can't beat your addiction if you're not willing to admit that there's a problem. 

You don't have to label yourself as an addict or alcoholic. What you need to do is to clearly and consciously acknowledge that your relationship with alcohol is unhealthy. 

Once you do this, you can mentally prepare for sobriety. It'll feel odd at first. Boring even. 

Don't give up. If you discover that you need more help, there are medical centers devoted to housing and aiding people suffering from alcohol dependence. 

Overcoming Addiction on Your Own 

Rehab can be life-changing. But it's not the correct route for everyone. Overcoming addiction is a personal endeavor. 

You need resources to help you through the tough moments. What we are seeing as some of the best options for people struggling with alcoholism is medication assisted treatment online. This process allows you to get the medication to help fight the cravings, while seeing a professional addiction specialist each wee. This of course can go with your 12-step meetings, which we recommend.