Alcohol continues to control the lives of millions of people worldwide, with at least half a million individuals currently struggling with an alcohol addiction in the United Kingdom. [1]

Although alcohol is consumed for various reasons, such as socially, alcohol abuse and addictions gradually arise when alcohol is consumed regularly.

If you have come to realise that your relationship with alcohol is harming your physical health, psychological health and relationships with others, you may find yourself ready to quit alcohol once and for all.

However, you may be somewhat hesitant about attending rehab or asking for professional help.  With this in mind, you may wonder, “can I quit alcohol without rehab?”.

If this resonates with you, you are not alone.  Thousands of individuals search for ways to quit alcohol without rehab every day.

If you find yourself searching for answers to the question “can I quit alcohol without rehab?” or wish to uncover tips and guidance on quitting alcohol, you have come to the right place.

At Addiction Advocates, we have delved into alcohol use, abuse, addictions and quitting alcohol without rehab here.


Alcohol Use, Abuse and Addictions

Before understanding whether you can quit alcohol without rehab, it is important to understand the difference between alcohol use, abuse and addictions.

Doing so will enable you to decipher whether you use alcohol, abuse alcohol or have sadly become addicted to alcohol. Ultimately, this will determine whether you can quit alcohol without rehab.


Alcohol Use In The United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, 29 million adults are thought to consume alcohol every year. 

Should you consume alcohol in moderation, it is unlikely that you will require treatment, and you will find it somewhat easy to quit alcohol without rehab.  However, you must consider whether you binge drink upon consuming alcohol.


Alcohol Abuse In The United Kingdom

Binge drinking is defined as drinking lots of alcohol within a relatively short period or drinking to get drunk [2] by the NHS, and often leads to alcohol abuse.

Alcohol abuse is a disorder in which adults misuse alcohol and drink more than 14 units of alcohol each week.

If you abuse alcohol or binge drink, you may require professional help, especially if you cannot control your alcohol intake. However, in many instances, alcohol abuse can be overcome without rehab by reducing alcohol intake and attending support groups.


Alcohol Addictions In The United Kingdom

Although not everyone who uses and abuses alcohol will develop an alcohol addiction, as noted above, a large proportion of adults are currently dependent on alcohol.

In order to cope with everyday life, those living with alcohol addictions will consume large quantities of alcohol throughout the day to alleviate pessimistic thoughts, feelings and attitudes.

If you struggle with an alcohol addiction and consume alcohol daily to help you navigate your life, attending rehab is in your best interest.

Attending rehab will ensure that you can take advantage of the treatment that will help you overcome your alcohol dependency.


Ways To Quit Alcohol Without Rehab

Understandably, if you are attempting to ascertain if you can quit alcohol without rehab, you may also wish to uncover ways to quit alcohol without rehab.

Below, we have outlined just a few ways that you can quit alcohol without rehab.


  1.   Gradually Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

One of the most successful ways to quit alcohol without rehab is by gradually reducing your alcohol intake.

Although gradually reducing your alcohol intake is extremely beneficial, many individuals attempt to give alcohol up almost instantly by going cold turkey.

Going cold turkey is not recommended, nor is it safe, especially when an alcohol addiction is present.


  1.   Attend A Support Group Such As Alcoholics Anonymous

Across the world, 2.1 million people attend support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous.  

Launched to provide immediate support to those struggling with alcohol abuse and addiction, Alcoholics Anonymous hosts thousands of support groups across the United Kingdom every day.

If you are looking to quit alcohol without rehab, Alcoholics Anonymous can support you.

However, support groups are often recommended upon attending rehab.  For example, those who complete rehab treatment are advised to attend recovery support groups to maintain their recovery.


  1.   Attend Therapy

Unbeknown to many, alcohol abuse and addictions arise from underlying and untreated psychological problems.  For example, stress and depression are among some of the common causes of alcohol addiction.

Considering this, it is possible to quit alcohol without rehab by attending therapy.

Therapy is provided by the NHS and private facilitators and enables many to understand how underlying issues contribute to their alcohol consumption.

By understanding the cause of alcohol abuse and addictions, coping strategies can be developed, and many are able to appreciate how they can adopt a more positive outlook on life and prevent alcohol addictions from arising in the future.

Although therapy is extremely beneficial and plays a vital role in an individual’s ability to overcome addictions, rehab may be required to ensure that you withdraw from alcohol entirely prior to commencing therapy.


Can I Quit Alcohol Without Rehab?

As outlined above, many factors will essentially determine whether you can quit alcohol without rehab.

For example, as noted above, if you use or abuse alcohol, it may well be possible for you to quit alcohol without rehab by limiting your alcohol intake.  You will also find attending support groups beneficial if you hope to quit alcohol without rehab.

However, if you rely on alcohol, consume alcohol to alleviate stress and other mental health disorders, or find yourself experiencing withdrawal symptoms upon attempting to quit alcohol without rehab, attending an alcohol rehab is recommended.


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