Whether you are in recovery from addiction or you are considering trying your first sober Christmas, there are many benefits of staying sober this Christmas.

There are many reasons to stay sober over the holiday period, and Christmas sobriety can help you feel more refreshed and present, as well as being good for your health. See the benefits that you can expect by choosing to stay sober this Christmas.


12 Benefits of Staying Sober at Christmas

Enjoying a sober Christmas offers a number of benefits for people, especially if you have previously suffered from drug or alcohol addiction. Find out 12 reasons why you should do a sober Christmas below.

Enjoy Time with Loved Ones

Enjoying the Christmas holidays sober can completely change the experience you have with loved ones. You will be more in tune with your relationships, and be able to focus on your wellbeing, and holiday celebrations will be easier to enjoy if you are sober.

Save Money

Buying a number of alcoholic drinks can quickly add up to be an expensive pastime, which is why staying alcohol-free at Christmas can be so good for your bank. By avoiding alcohol over Christmas, you will be able to save money and spend it on other things that are meaningful or better used.

Avoid Hangovers

Suffering from a hangover can cause you to waste time that would otherwise be enjoyed with loved ones. As well as the negative effects hangovers have on your health and how hangovers can make you feel, not drinking at Christmas can give you more time back that would have otherwise been wasted in bed feeling unwell.

Be Able to Remember Happy Memories

When binge drinking or consuming large amounts of alcohol, many people experience blackouts or forget parts of the night. By staying sober at Christmas you will be able to remember all of your fond memories that you may have otherwise forgotten.

This is one of the biggest benefits of doing a sober Christmas and can be a great motivator to help you stay on track.

Stay More Present

Alcohol abuse can cause you to forget things, neglect relationships, and miss out on activities and social events due to being under the influence or hungover. By staying sober at Christmas you will be more present and involved with activities that you may typically skip if drinking.

One of the dangers of binge drinking at Christmas is that you hurt relationships as well as your health; by avoiding alcohol you will avoid these problems.

Benefit from More Time

Hangovers cause you to lose time that could be used for spending time with loved ones, exercising, enjoying Christmas food and more. Staying in bed or at home due to hangovers causes you to lose out on time spent doing other things.

Christmas sobriety means that you can benefit from more time with loved ones doing things that you truly enjoy.

Physical Health Benefits

Alcohol consumption, and particularly binge drinking that often takes place over the Christmas holidays can have a negative impact on your health. From dehydration and liver and kidney problems to sickness and stomach problems, avoiding excessive alcohol consumption can benefit your health.

Improve Your Mental Health

Depression and anxiety can be a result of drinking, and this can especially be the case during the Christmas period. If you regularly feel as though your mental health takes a hit before, during or after drinking alcohol, consider attempting to do a sober Christmas to avoid these feelings.

Reduce anxiety and Embarrassment

Christmas work nights out can cause “hangxiety” the next day and make you feel terrible, so avoiding alcoholic drinks altogether can improve your mental wellbeing over Christmas. Similarly, drinking at Christmas around family and friends can be a source of anxiety, which a sober Christmas would avoid.

Enjoy Christmas Food

Christmas food is a key element of the festive period, so why not enjoy it as much as you can? When drinking heavily we often don’t eat properly, and many people are not able to remember/enjoy their Christmas dinner if under the influence of alcohol.

Enjoying a sober Christmas will help you to make the most of all of the delicious food.

You Will Look Healthier

Without frequent hangovers, lack of sleep, and poor nutrition, you will look and feel much better if you stay sober at Christmas! Staying sober will help you to look and feel your best throughout the holidays.

Start Your New Year’s Resolution Early

If you plan to attempt Dry January or you are starting your recovery journey, staying away from alcohol and planning a sober Christmas can really help to set you up for New Year’s resolutions you may be setting. See our tips to help you continue your recovery in the New Year here.


Enjoy a Sober Christmas This Year

With all of the reasons why you should do a sober Christmas listed above, you can have the best Christmas yet by staying away from alcohol over the holidays. Whether you casually drink and are considering doing your first sober Christmas or you are in recovery from addiction, choosing sobriety this year can provide you with an entirely new experience.

If you are struggling to quit alcohol and feel as though you require professional help, seek the professional assistance of our team at Addiction Advocates. We can help you recover today – reach out by phone on 0800 012 6088 or fill out our contact form to learn more about our addiction treatments and therapy sessions available.


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