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Alcohol Rehab

Although viewed as less threatening when considering drug abuse, alcoholism is in fact just as impactful and hazardous. For those abusing alcohol personally, or for family members witnessing the effects of an addiction, this can be a challenging and distressing time.

From relationship breakdowns and psychological impairment, to changes in personality, behaviour and decisions, excessive alcohol consumption can transform an individual’s entire existence, commonly for the worst.

To avoid the lasting damages linked to alcoholism, with a high focus on mental health conditions and cognitive impairment, the consideration of visiting an alcohol rehab facility is recommended. Here at Addiction Advocates, we’ve witnessed the benefits of rehab, helping individuals with chronic addictions, turn their lives around. Through our referral service, we can help you find the most suitable alcohol rehab centre, in turn an effective treatment programme, offering a valuable recovery process.

See the importance of taking control of your life through visiting a reputable alcohol rehab facility. If you do have any questions or concerns surrounding alcohol rehab, scroll down to our FAQs or contact our team today. We are here to support all individuals affected by alcoholism.

The importance of visiting an alcohol rehab

So far, your alcohol consumption and side effects may be bearable. The majority of individuals will cope through the initial stages of alcohol abuse. However, as a dependence on alcohol develops, it is very likely that those commonly experienced side effects will strengthen.

Unfortunately for many individuals abusing alcohol, these side effects will appear when little control is present. In this situation, all decisions and behaviours are clouded and controlled by cravings, psychological fixations and drinking habits. Through this clouded view, understanding the severity of the situation, along with acting upon addiction recovery can be very difficult. In most cases, individuals will attempt to self-medicate or detox from home.

Highly unrecommended, approaching addiction recovery alone is dangerous and ineffective. With this in mind, it is very important that the value of visiting an alcohol rehab facility is gauged, ideally before those negative experiences arise.

Please be aware that any degree of an alcohol use disorder can be worked through, especially with a personalised treatment programme. However, the sooner an individual can acknowledge an addiction and reach out for support, the better.

Although visiting an alcohol rehab may feel like an unnecessary step to take, it is the only step in place to provide realistic addiction recovery rates. Working through both physical and psychological connections to alcohol, you’ll have a true chance to reach addiction recovery.

Start today by understanding the signs and symptoms of alcoholism, along with the value behind investing yourself into a comprehensive treatment plan.


When is the best time to consider alcohol rehab?

Many individuals considering addiction recovery are commonly hung up on timing. They either believe that their addiction is too mild for treatment or will feel that their side effects are too extreme to control. In fact, both situations are incorrect.

Visiting an alcohol rehab will be beneficial for all individuals abusing alcohol. Like other illnesses or disorders, there are different depths of treatments available, suited to the affected individual. With this in mind, visiting an alcohol rehab can progress recovery for all individuals, from those abusing alcohol, to those living with the chronic side effects of alcoholism.

Although treatment is accessible at any given time through rehab, it is however important that you are ready to complete alcohol rehab. Rehab is only worthwhile for those who invest themselves into a comprehensive treatment plan. By deviating from this mindset, you will fail to experience the true benefits of alcohol rehab, devaluing your investment and effort.

To understand whether you’re ready to combat your underlying influences and alcoholism, contact our team here at Addiction Advocates. We can also recommend the most appropriate alcohol rehab options for you, deciding between outpatient and residential rehab.


Finding the right addiction treatment and alcohol rehab programme for you

Searching high and low for the most suitable alcohol rehab programme and addiction treatment can be overwhelming. There are now a large number of recovery methods out there. However, it is vital that suitability is achieved, especially if your aim is to reach alcohol addiction recovery.

To ensure that you can experience a valuable rehab experience, through our referral services, we can help you find the most ideal rehab programme. Getting to know your dependence on alcohol greater, we can pinpoint the most cost effective and results driven treatment plan, meeting your recovery goals. This approach to finding the right alcohol rehab programme will ensure that you receive the right type and level of care and treatment.

It is important to remember that an addiction and mental health conditions will impact all individuals differently. As a result of this, there unfortunately isn’t a structured plan in place to motivate addiction recovery. Yet, through our referral service, we can identify the most suitable rehab programme for you, helping you personally diminish your fixation to alcohol. Whether that’s through outpatient treatment or inpatient treatment, we will assess your situation, and offer realistic recommendations to guide you through recovery.


FAQ’s About Alcohol Rehab

How private is alcohol rehab?
Visiting an alcohol rehab is extremely private. All details are kept confidentially, along with promoting a private and discrete rehab environment. Please be rest assured that all details will be kept in-house, and communication with family members or peers will be completed under your guidance.
How much does alcohol rehab cost?
The cost of alcohol rehab can unfortunately deviate, all depending on an individual’s requirements. Factors such as outpatient treatment or residential treatment can lead the way when considering financial investments. Yet, for an accurate gauge, feel free to contact our team. In some cases, private insurance can cover the cost of alcohol rehab. Yet this will depend on your policy, along with your selected treatment centre.
What is the average duration of alcohol rehab?
The duration of an alcohol rehab treatment programme can deviate, reflecting personal needs and susceptibility to treatment. A large proportion of rehab programmes can last 28 days, following a detox and psychological intervention. However, for some individuals., this may be shorter, while others may require further professional support.
What happens after rehab?
Alcohol rehab is a highly valuable experience to complete. However, once a return home is recommended, vulnerabilities do present themselves. As this is classified as a high-risk situation, ongoing support will be available post rehab. This will help to reduce future alcohol relapses, along with ensuring that recovery can be maintained for the long-term.
I came to you desperate, feeling so depressed and anxious. I left feeling hopeful and grateful and excited about life. I can't believe the change in just 28 days.
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Commonly completed alcohol rehab treatment

Although recommendations are based on personal requirements, there are a range of commonly completed treatment options when considering alcohol rehab. These treatment options act as the foundation of recovery, helping to heal both the body and mind from long-term alcohol abuse.

Whether outpatient treatment or residential treatment is selected, the key aim is to withdraw from alcohol safely, providing the opportunity for long-term sobriety. Yet, alongside the physical detoxing process, it is vital that psychological repair is completed, helping to maintain cognitive stability and recovery.

Withdrawal symptoms, both physically and mentally will likely appear through an alcohol detox programme, cognitive behavioural therapy, therapy sessions and additional wellbeing services. This foundation of alcohol rehab treatment options will help to change outlooks and associations of alcohol, while preparing for life post rehab.

Please be aware that our recommendations and referral services will provide a range of treatment options. These treatment options will be catered to you personally, helping to improve your recovery rates through alcohol rehab.


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