As the UK grapples with an escalating cost of living crisis, nights out have become increasingly costly. The rise in expenses stems not only from elevated alcohol and tobacco inflation rates but also from additional expenditures such as taxi rides and spontaneous rounds of drinks. This infographic we have created sheds light on the financial and social ramifications of an evening out amidst the current economic scenario.

Recent figures show that as of April 2023, the UK’s alcohol and tobacco inflation rate touched 9.1%, adding to the steep expense of a night out. This, along with the general inflation rate peaking at 11.1% in October 2022, has added pressure on the finances of the average UK citizen.

The financial footprint of a night out is not limited to entrance fees for clubs and bars or the drinks you purchase. Unforeseen expenses such as opting for taxis over buses, lending cash to friends, buying unexpected meals, or covering friends’ club entry fees can significantly inflate the cost. In fact, a surprising 78% of night-time revellers end up spending an additional £1,389 per annum on unanticipated costs.

The societal expenses linked to alcohol consumption are equally concerning. Alongside the hefty £55.1 billion total social cost that alcohol presented to England within 2006-07, alcohol-related crime and disorder drain England of £7.3bn annually, with an extra £1.7bn in healthcare costs. Scotland allocates over 1.5% of its yearly GDP to alcohol-related issues, while Northern Ireland’s total social costs stand at a staggering £777m per annum.

Moreover, the societal effects of alcohol are not solely financial. They include anti-social behaviour and the stress it places on communities, with a disturbing 39% of people in England and Wales in 2018/19 witnessing alcohol-fuelled anti-social behaviour in their local areas.

However, as the cost of living crisis amplifies, a notable proportion of UK adults are resorting to low-cost alcohol, often inadvertently choosing options with higher alcohol content. This not only elevates the risk of alcohol dependence but also leads to worrisome situations where alcohol expenditure is prioritised over essential bills, food, and clothing.

The repercussions of a night out are often far-reaching, leading to remorse over money spent and potential damage to personal items. They also extend to personal relationships, with many individuals confessing to deceit about the amount of money spent.

On a brighter note, 85% of the public acknowledge that their money could be put to better use than on nights out. Simple actions such as drinking slower, eating before drinking, alternating with water, and planning in advance can help curb some of these costs and impacts.

This infographic aims to display the genuine cost of a night out in the UK, considering both direct and indirect costs linked to alcohol consumption. With the cost of living crisis enduring, it’s more vital than ever to understand these costs and make informed choices.

The True Cost of a Night Out Infographic

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