Find the Right Drug and Alcohol Intervention

The Addiction Advocates understand how difficult it can be to get a loved one to go to treatment.  We speak with people every day that really need the help, but have not hit their bottom yet.  If this sounds like your loved one, it may be time to have an intervention for addiction.  Unlike the TV Show, an intervention is about the family understanding addiction and using that knowledge to persuade the addict to take the help. 

Our free interventionist referral program will help you find the right interventionist for your unique situation.  Although we try to work with local interventionist, to lower your cost, we work with interventionists around the country.  We speak with you about your friend or loved one, and understand the situation, and most importantly, learn as much as possible about the addict.  This helps us select the right interventionist for your family.  


The costs of an intervention are the number one question we get.  Most, if not all, insurance companies do NOT cover intervention services, so the family is responsible for the cost.  Thankfully, most private insurances cover the cost of drug and alcohol rehab, however this piece of the puzzle is up to the family.   On average, an addiction intervention will cost between $2,500-$6,000.  The cost does go up from there for more private, long-term interventions.  


We understand that not everyone can afford an intervention, plus the out of pocket of inpatient rehab.  Thankfully there are a few options available to you. 

Option One - Use savings, 401k funds, or other investments you may have.  Although not many people want to touch any of these investments, it may be well worth it.  

Option Two - applying for a small loan.  There are many companies that provide loan services for people needing addiction treatment.  They can help you cover the costs of an intervention as well as out of pocket costs for inpatient treatment. 

Option Three - Submit a request to us for a grant.  The Addiction Advocates are here to help families and addicts get the help they need.  We feel that money should never get in the way of treatment.  So, if the addict has private insurance to help pay for treatment after intervention, they may qualify for our program. The program offers everything from helping cover the cost, all the way to a Free Intervention.