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Friend Referrals

Are you worried that a close friend may be abusing hazardous substances? Maybe a colleague or close family friend is consuming excessive quantities of drugs or alcohol, causing concerns?

Are you worried that a close friend may be abusing hazardous substances? Maybe a colleague or close family friend is consuming excessive quantities of drugs or alcohol, causing concerns? 

Witnessing someone you know and care about, self-destruct by abusing drugs and alcohol can be very distressing. The person you once knew will soon disappear, controlled by addictive substances. It’s likely through this pain of watching, you’ll want to help your friend. Yet, you may be worried that you’ll make matters worse. Maybe you’re concerned that approaching the topic of addiction may damage your friendship.  

For scenarios like this, our friend referrals are instrumental, offering a lifeline for all affected parties. Via our specialist addiction support and referral services, we can help you find suitable help for your friend, while motivating their recovery efforts.  

Avoid delays, avoid watching your friend damage their whole existence through drug and alcohol abuse, avoid aggravating or enabling this unhealthy behaviour. Through friend referrals, you can help them understand the severity of their habits, while increasing their probabilities of rehabilitation.  

Reach out today for more information on our friend referrals – an opportunity for you to share your concerns and work through them with your friend. 

Utilise our friend referrals if you’re concerned  

Dealing with addiction or mental health issues are new to most individuals. With this in mind, if you believe that a friend is abusing drugs or alcohol, you’ll probably have limited knowledge on how to act or help them. Yet, it’s likely that this abusive behaviour will not sit right with you, motivating the desire to act.  

You can act by utilising our friend referrals here at Addiction Advocates. This is the most effective and safest way you can approach the topic of addiction with your friend, without damaging your relationship or fuelling further substance abuse.  

An addiction can be very scary for witnesses to observe. Vast physical and psychological changes are on display, deteriorating as substance abuse progresses. Delaying action by worrying that you’ll aggravate those changes is common. This is understandable, by protecting your friend. Yet, delays are detrimental.  

As soon as you see the signs and symptoms of a drug or alcohol addiction, it’s important that you act proactively. Through our friend referrals, we can walk you through the next steps, while also increasing the acceptance of rehab by your friend.  

How we can help your friend  

Through our friend referrals, our team can help by: 

  • Understanding your concerns regarding substance abuse. 
  • Recommending the most suitable recovery programmes, based on budgets and requirements. 
  • Through our friend referrals, we can also share the most effective approaches to handling addiction; including a compassionate and non-judgmental manner.  
  • Answering all questions, you have about friend referrals, rehab and recovery likelihoods. 
  • Guiding all observers on how to prevent addictive behaviours. 
  • Providing ongoing support for all involved parties, with a focus on your friend. 
  • Considering the potential opportunity for an intervention. 
  • Contacting your friend and discussing their mental health state and potential psychological causation for consumption.  

Approaching the topic of addiction can be nerve-wracking. However, it is important that you help your friend through this difficult time. Through our friend referrals, we can guide you on the most effective steps to approach your friend, share your concerns and aim for recovery acceptance. If initial support isn’t accepted through friend referrals, we can assist further via our intervention services. 

Reach out today to utilise our friend referrals, helping those you care about understand and recover.  

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