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If you are ready to overcome and rise above an alcohol use disorder, no matter its strength, we can help you. Here at Addiction Advocates, we offer a personalised and high-quality treatment referral service so that we can help find the most suitable treatment options and alcohol rehab facility, worked around your needs. Reach out today to find out how you, like many others, can overcome an alcohol addiction. Enquire Now
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Suffering from any degree of habit or alcohol addiction can be very difficult to live with.

Alcoholism or substance abuse will affect individuals differently, at varying stages of addiction. However, the common consensus is that alcohol addiction will lead to many dangers, physically and mentally, targeting the whole being.

For the majority of those suffering from alcohol addiction, the only way out is through a comprehensive treatment programme.

Overcoming a dependence on alcohol is challenging, down to the psychological associations and ingrained routines. In order to break this vicious circle of deterioration and habit, aiming for alcohol addiction recovery will, at some point, be perceived as desirable.

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Common causations of an alcohol addiction

Drinking problems and habits have progressed over the years. With greater causations and pressures through life, relying upon alcohol is now very common. However, alcohol addiction is very complex and can be down to a number of different underlying causations; requiring a mixture of treatment options. Yet, to ensure that treatment options are recommended effectively, understanding personal causation for alcohol addiction is a must.

Common causations of an alcohol addiction fall within both nature and nurture factors. From genetics, where addictive behaviours run in the family, to environmental pressures, life stresses and mental health conditions, there are a number of driving forces that can influence the degree of addiction.

For some individuals, substance abuse can be experienced, where drinking habits start to show themselves. With control, this habit can slowly subsidise. Without control or an understanding of the associated dangers of drinking excessive alcohol, physical and psychological dependence on alcohol can advance; exactly where concerns are placed.

If you’re struggling to reduce your alcohol consumption, experience mental health conditions, go through excessive alcohol withdrawal symptoms in between consumption or find that you rely on alcohol to cope through everyday life, considering professional support should be prioritised.

The signs of alcohol addiction and the ongoing symptoms of alcoholism can be different for all. The underlying causations will always be different. Yet, if alcohol is negatively impacting your life, no matter its form, here at Addiction Advocates, we can support you through realistic treatment referrals.

The dangers of an alcohol addiction

Without acknowledging an alcohol addiction, by denying any form of professional support or addiction treatment, ongoing consumption can become very dangerous. Through the first stages of alcohol abuse, standalone physical side effects are very common. Many individuals can surpass these side effects, blocked out by excessive drinking.

However, once abuse develops into alcohol addiction, psychological impacts and connections are very likely, progressing side effects. Here it is very likely that a dual diagnosis will develop, influencing mental health problems. Additional health problems commonly advance in unison, paired with the deterioration of life.

Yet, the greatest concern is the lasting damage an alcohol addiction can have on the brain and cognitive functioning. From changing mood and affecting memory capacity to influencing changes to personalities and choices, long-lasting brain impairment is likely, if long-term alcohol abuse is experienced.

In some cases, alcohol addiction can lead to mental health conditions, including personality disorders, along with further substance abuse and brain disease.

With this in mind, to avoid financial problems, long-lasting health deterioration and a life controlled by alcohol consumption, considering all available treatment options is encouraged. Although your reality may currently deviate from the life of an alcohol addict, without intervention, you’ll soon experience the downfalls of alcoholism.

Combatting your addiction with treatment

If you’re keen to reach alcohol addiction recovery, combatting your behavioural habit with effective treatment is realistic. However, it is important that you’re committed to the steps of recovery, along with displaying an open mind when considering alcohol rehab.

Without embracing professional support, complete addiction recovery is very unlikely. As an addiction falls within a brain illness, where heavy psychological effects are common, completing treatment that advances beyond a standalone detox are very important. Understanding the underlying causation of alcohol abuse, along with completing appropriate treatment options is a must; only available through alcohol rehab.

To work through alcohol withdrawal successfully, a mixture of treatment options will be recommended. Please be aware that these treatment options will vary through our referral services, depending on your personal needs and the severity of your alcohol addiction. From a comprehensive alcohol detox programme, support groups and alcoholics anonymous sessions, to cognitive behavioural therapy and counselling with your family members, the overarching aim will be to help you stop drinking.

Your thoughts, associations and behaviours, linked to alcohol consumption will be worked through, helping you cope without substance abuse. Both your body and mind will withdraw from alcohol while learning to cope with any future relapses.

Through an alcohol rehab and a personal treatment plan, combatting your alcohol addiction can be possible. With our referral services, we can ensure an invaluable alcohol rehab experience is completed.

Our treatment referral services here at Addiction Advocates

Here at Addiction Advocates, we are referral specialists, helping individuals in need find the most suitable treatment options out there. We understand what it takes to help individuals like you, stop drinking, with longevity in mind.

By understanding your alcohol addiction greater, along with the underlying causation influencing consumption, we can offer realistic recommendations when considering alcohol rehab. We will work with you to ensure that suitability is met, helping to improve your experience through treatment.

By acknowledging your alcohol addiction and the underlying causation, you’ll have the opportunity to change your life through alcohol addiction recovery. With our treatment referral services, and your determination to recover, you’ll soon have the tools to maintain an alcohol-free reality. Get in touch today for more information on our alcohol addiction treatment services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an alcohol addiction?
An alcohol addiction or alcoholism is a disease whereby sufferers of the disease can have a severe desire to drink to the point where they cant stop. Alcoholism can affect people of all walks of life and there are multiple reasons for why someone might develop alcoholism including genetics, psychology, behavioural, socioeconomics.
What are the symptoms of an alcohol addiction?
Key symptoms of an alcohol addiction are when the consumption of alcohol begins to affect your personal life, professional life or health. If the consumption of alcohol is being placed ahead any of these then it may be a sign that you are struggling with an alcohol addiction. You may not be able to think about anything else other than a drink and when you do drink, end up drinking more than you plan to. These are common symptoms of someone with an alcohol problem. You may also be suffering from physical withdrawal symptoms such as perspiration, feeling sick, rapid heart rate and more when you haven’t had a drink in a while.
What treatment options are there for someone struggling with alcoholism?
There are multiple types of treatment options be it through medication, counselling or a rehabilitation programme. Medications that you may be prescribed include Acamprosate, Disulfiram, Naltrexone and Nalmefene. Counselling is also another great treatment option that accompanied with medication can get you on to the road to recovery. Therapy like this occurs in many different formats such as 1 to 1 with a therapist or group therapy with others. You also have the option of Rehab which can combine all of these together along with a medically assisted detox.
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