Covid-19 and the global pandemic it has influenced has flipped our lives, our norms, our routines, our plans for the foreseeable future.

Through this unprecedented time, many negatives have been experienced, with a strong correlation with mental health issues and addiction.

While Coronavirus may be an unfamiliar experience, addiction recovery for many isn’t. However, through these vast changes, access to support and resources used to strengthen addiction recovery has reduced, making it a very testing experience.

Although greater tests are in place, although emotions are heightened, although physical and psychological health is at risk, and although sadness, anxieties and isolative settings are present, there is hope for those moving through the process of addiction recovery.

Staying on top of addiction recovery during Covid-19 may feel impossible currently. However, by following professional guidance, by maintaining a positive routine and by prioritising your recovery, your new norm can meet your long-term recovery intentions.

If you require support through initial rehabilitation, or post-rehab addiction recovery efforts, at Addiction Advocates, we are here for you.


The impacts of Covid-19 on addiction recovery

Unfortunately, down to social distancing, down to isolation guidelines, down to greater pressures on resources and services, addiction recovery and its usual routine has changed.

Usually, it’s likely that recovering addicts will complete a consistent schedule of addiction recovery processes, including aftercare and further addiction treatments; all on a physical basis.

Yet, down to the risks linked to face to face treatment, addiction recovery processes have now changed over to virtual platforms. While support is still available, the sought-after, lifeline of aftercare, its human touch and its accessibility has now become inaccessible.

Sadly, this changeover has impacted the addiction recovery journey of many individuals. Mental health issues have heightened, addictions have aggravated or resurfaced, and long-term recovery feels impossible for many.

Yet, by seeing the positives of Covid-19, there are ways to remain sober, to combat triggers and to set healthy boundaries. By doing so, staying on top of addiction recovery during Covid-19 can be probable, helping to adapt to our new norm.


Staying on top of addiction recovery during Covid-19 and our new norm

If you’re struggling with our new norm, please be reassured that staying on top of addiction recovery is doable, even throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

We also hope to reassure you that professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation support and services are still available. Yet, through greater demands of addiction recovery support, delays are present, along with the necessity of virtual resources.

If you’re yet to source addiction recovery support, please do not put this off down to the influence of Covid-19. Great risks are present while enabling the development of an addiction, in some cases, even more, detrimental than the influence of Coronavirus.

With this in mind, reaching out for our support at Addiction Advocates will be encouraged.


Maintain connections

Isolating through Covid-19 can cause many relationships and connections to dwindle. It can also influence the resurface of old connections, ones which may carry negative impacts on addiction recovery.

By maintaining your positive connections, with loved ones, family members and friends, staying on top of addiction recovery will be more likely for you.

This can be doable through virtual platforms, through social media and even through online parties. While physical contact may be minimised throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, virtual contact can be just as valuable while experiencing feelings of isolation.


Complete virtual support groups

12 Step programmes and AA meetings are still going ahead. You can maintain your motivation while sourcing further tips to remain on your addiction recovery road by collaborating with others.

Support groups are a common check-in process, prior to Covid-19. You’ll likely be familiar with them anyway. Yet, the dynamic will change through online platforms.


Keep a healthy routine

Having a healthy routine to follow on a daily basis can help you set your intentions and avoid potential drug and alcohol triggers.

Whether that’s an exercise from home, whether it’s getting some fresh air, whether it’s scheduling in your support group sessions, or simply getting ready for the day ahead, healthy boundaries and structure will help to keep your mind on addiction recovery.

Isolation can motivate sluggish, lazy-like behaviours. Yet, through a routine, you’ll be in the right mindset to remain positive and busy.

Participate in self-care

If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it’s to take care of ourselves more and use our time wisely. Use this time, privacy and peace to participate in self-care. Whatever that may be for you, prioritising your physical and mental health, along with inner peace will be wise.


Keep honest

It’s easy to hide away or deflect attention while a mutual pandemic such as Covid-19 is present. Yet, you must use this time to remain honest, with yourself and those around you. Whether that’s honesty over positives or negatives, it will help you stay on top of addiction recovery and whether further treatment is required.


Consider your emotions and triggers

With having more time to yourself, you may feel influenced by emotions or triggers. Considering them and their purpose will be recommended.

Reducing your exposure to triggers will in fact benefit your addiction recovery journey, with the lack of ability to visit areas serving/selling drugs and alcohol. Keeping a clean house is however necessary to avoid relapse if triggers or emotional feelings do occur.


Limit your social media consumption

Social media can act as a trigger in itself. There’s a great concern for those consistently listening to the media through Covid-19. Influential topics and concerns are shared, heightening mental health issues, vulnerabilities and addiction.

Limit your time on social media to ensure that you can keep a hold over reality and your recovery journey.


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So far, post-rehab, healthy boundaries may have maintained your addiction recovery journey. Yet, now more than ever it is important that you consider your journey, potential distractions, and the value of your health.

Being aware, alert and proactive when staying on top of addiction recovery during Cpvid-19 will be highly beneficial.

Whether addiction recovery is new to you or not, it’s likely that your life, your coping strategy, your current routine will change. Yet you can control its impact by following our guidance at Addiction Advocates.

For further support with addiction recovery, through rehab and beyond, reach out today. We can still help you through the new norm, caused by Covid-19.