About Ark House Rehab


Ark House Rehab, established in 1993, operates as a fully residential treatment centre grounded in the principles of abstinence and the 12 Step Model of Alcoholics Anonymous. Its fundamental mission remains to offer cost-effective residential treatment, making recovery accessible to everyone, irrespective of their financial means.

Over the past two decades, Ark House Rehab Ltd has adhered to this core mission and has effectively assisted thousands of individuals dealing with various forms of addiction.

The staff at Ark House are themselves in recovery from addiction, all committed to the 12 Step program. They possess qualifications in their respective fields, with counseling staff holding qualifications as counselors and psychotherapists.

This expertise enables the delivery of the 12 Step program within the limited timeframes available for individual therapy.

Ark House Rehab Ltd creates a secure environment with round-the-clock support to help individuals address the underlying psychological factors that contribute to and underlie their struggles with addiction.

Where can I find Ark House
Address: Ark House Treatment Centre, , Scarborough, United Kingdom, YO11 2LY

Just some reasons to consider us...

  • Detox Centre Organisation
  • Rehabilitation from Substance Abuse
  • Rehabilitation from Behavioural Addictions
  • Therapies

Frequently Asked Questions

How much Does Treatment Cost?
At Ark House, they offer a programme that is priced £1,190 per week and includes 6 weeks to 6 month stays. Do note that these prices are subject to change, so if in doubt please get in touch with us, or directly at ARK House.
Does Ark House Offer Detox?
While there isn't detox programmes available inside of Ark House, they are indeed affiliated with 4 detox centres in which they will organise your detox.
What Addictions Are Treated at Ark House?
There are a range of addiction treated at Ark House, including substance addiction and behavioural addictions. This means whether it is heroin or gambling addiction you're suffering from, all bases are covered.