Why Does Beer Make You Pee?

Published 22 September 2023, in
  • Alcohol

Beer is a popular beverage that people of all ages enjoy. However, many people have also noticed that beer makes them pee more often than other drinks. Are you wondering why this may be? Many people do wonder about the reason, and we’re here to set things straight. In this article, we will go over

The 5 Stages of Drunkenness

Published 15 September 2023, in
  • Alcohol

Drunkenness, which is officially known as intoxication, occurs when someone has consumed alcohol excessively. The process of being drunk consists of several stages, with an initial buzz being felt all the way to potentially dangerous levels of unconsciousness in the worst-case scenario. Being aware of these stages of drunkenness, as well as how alcohol affects

How Does Narcotics Anonymous Work?

Published 1 September 2023, in
  • Drug

How does Narcotics Anonymous work? It’s our team question we receive frequently from those looking for additional support. In this article, we discuss what Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is, how it works, and where you can find support from this organisation. What is Narcotics Anonymous? Narcotics Anonymous (also known as NA) is a community of recovering individuals

What is Motivational Interviewing for Substance Abuse?

Published 25 August 2023, in
  • Addiction Treatments

What is Motivational Interviewing? Motivational interviewing is a form of therapy used to help treat a wide range of mental health issues, substance abuse, and addiction. This form of therapy works through a collaborative session between you and the therapist, where they will ask open-ended questions to hear your answer and learn your thought process.