The Benefits Of Inpatient Rehab

Published 14 January 2022, in
  • Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab

A wide range of treatment services, plans and providers are accessible throughout the addiction recovery process. Some will be local and flexible, while others will be intensive and medically accredited. Although any form of support and progress will be beneficial, selecting the most effective rehabilitation process is recommended whilst recovering from addiction. Addiction recovery can be a difficult process to work through while faced with personal

Tips To Keeping Up Recovery This New Year

Published 7 January 2022, in
  • Aftercare

Christmas and New Year can be a very difficult time for anyone with any sort of addiction problem and especially those with alcohol addiction. Drinking to excess is seen as more socially acceptable in the holiday season than it is in the rest of the year, and it often seems like you’re surrounded by people

Tips To Keep Up Outpatient Rehab At New Year

Published 22 December 2021, in
  • Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Outpatient rehab is chosen by most for its flexibility and adaptability. Yet at this time of year, such levels of freedom can understandably be difficult to deal with. Although alcohol exposure is expected through everyday life, risks can usually be managed with a plan of action, relapse prevention and active treatment. Both Christmas and New Year are periods where alcohol exposure is heightened and can become

How to have a Sober Christmas – A Guide

Published 17 December 2021, in
  • Addiction Treatments

A sober Christmas may seem absurd to the average person, and the holiday season is heavily fuelled by alcohol. Yet, sobriety will be the most longed-for gift for someone with an active addiction or recovering from alcoholism. The festive period can aggravate existing symptoms and urges. It’s a time where alcohol consumption is accepted and

What is the 12-step recovery programme?

Published 10 December 2021, in
  • Addiction Treatments

Throughout addiction recovery, there are various services and programmes to consider. The 12-step recovery programme is one of the most influential and adaptable possible to experience through rehab and aftercare. Developed through Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), the 12-step model will ease lasting recovery. It’s a programme that can be sustained by promoting sobriety as a part of everyday life. Beneficial for

The top 6 Rehab questions answered

Published 3 December 2021, in
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Drug and alcohol addiction can be very difficult to overcome without expert help and tried and tested evidence-based treatments. Rehabilitation, commonly known as rehab, refers to a treatment program that may be based in a residential setting or provided on an outpatient basis. All rehab programs aim to treat every aspect of addiction, helping you

What to expect when undergoing a Drug or a Alcohol Detox

Published 3 December 2021, in
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To withdraw from drugs and alcohol, a detoxification process must be worked through. Heavily advocated as a rehab treatment option, drug and/or alcohol detox programmes are safe to complete and highly effective. Best to complete through medically assisted services, detoxification helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Withdrawal is essential to get clean, overcome cravings and detach from drugs and alcohol, possible to achieve through the

Advice For How To Overcome Painkiller Addiction

Published 19 November 2021, in
  • Drug

Painkillers are pain-reducing drugs that many of us will use in a variety of different contexts and situations. Some painkillers include the likes of illegal painkillers such as heroin as well as prescription painkillers including the likes of codeine, paracetamol, and fentanyl. While some people can start taking painkillers as they are prescribed to do

What Happens After Rehab?

Published 12 November 2021, in
  • Aftercare

On discharge from rehab, it can feel both daunting and rewarding. You’ll have the tools and intentions to lead a sober lifestyle, likely to be something you’ve hoped for, for a while. Yet with such a change and achievement comes the risks and worries of relapse. The reality of life after rehab can be a positive one. You can lead a

Interaction between Stress and Addiction

Published 5 November 2021, in
  • Mental Health

It is a natural reaction to a perceived threat that can make us more aware and trigger the ‘fight or flight’ response. Chronic or acute stress can be very harmful, however, and is a growing problem in our modern lives. A nationwide survey commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation found that 74% of adults in

The Rise of Mental Health Issues in Young People

Published 26 October 2021, in
  • Mental Health

Mental health issues in young people have always been a concerning topic. Through adolescence, a significant change occurs, which can trigger many early-onset problems. This far, stress, comparison, societal pressures, and stereotypes have caused such concerns. Yet as of 2020, Covid-19 has been and is continuing to be a key contributor to the rise in

Signs You Need To Go To Rehab

Published 22 October 2021, in
  • Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Addiction is a condition with many different layers. Those layers make it unpredictable and a highly personal illness to work through. The severity and impacts of addiction can vary from one extreme to the other. With that being the case, support, treatment, and rehabilitation efforts must be accommodating. Private rehab offers personal and fully tailored programmes, to meet the needs and demands

Is There A Link Between Drug Abuse And Mental Health?

Published 15 October 2021, in
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Across the United Kingdom, approximately 118,500 people receive treatment for drug abuse and addictions [10] each year. Though many individuals only require treatment for drug abuse, 20% of adults who abuse drugs will, at some point in their life, need treatment [11] for a mental health disorder, such as anxiety or depression. Although much research

How to Stop Drinking

Published 11 October 2021, in
  • Alcohol

Living through alcohol problems, habits or even addiction can be extremely tough. Whilst withdrawing and maintaining a clean slate can also be tough, it will instead be worth it. Firstly, it’s important to understand your relationship with alcohol. This is the time to consider the impacts and severity of your habits. Are you addicted to

What to do when there is no Rehab Centre near me

Published 24 September 2021, in
  • Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol and drug rehab programmes have been shown to be the single most effective way of treating a serious addiction problem. If you are struggling with a substance misuse or addiction issue, a stay in a rehabilitation centre could be just what you need to turn your life around. While there are rehab centres located