Addiction symptoms of cocaine

Published 11 June 2021, in
  • Cocaine

Cocaine is one of the most normalised illicit drugs out there. By that, here at Addiction Advocates, we mean that while it carries an illegal classification, it’s a highly abused substance, which commonly drives the addiction cycle. Known for its short-term highs, cocaine is an easily adoptable drug, carrying addictive traits at a significant rate. As users long for long-term highs and the effects

Early Warning Signs That Show Someone Is Suffering With Addiction

Published 4 June 2021, in
  • Addiction Treatment

Addictions compromise the health and well-being of individuals across the world every single day. However, only a small fraction of those struggling go on to secure the professional help and treatment they need. In fact, it is believed that only 18% of people with an alcohol addiction secure treatment. Contributing to this, only 270,705 individuals

Teenage Mental Health During The Pandemic

Published 28 May 2021, in
  • Mental Health

Teenage years are defined as challenging time of life. This is the moment where new hormones present themselves, where change is inevitable, and where learning about and finding oneself is a key commonality. Down to existing pressures on teens, mental health problems are already higher than they were years ago. While teenage mental health support may be greater and

Ways To Avoid Relapse When Leaving A Rehab Treatment Centre

Published 21 May 2021, in
  • Relapse Prevention

When you are considering overcoming addiction with the help of a professional institution it is only natural to be worried about the prospect of relapsing after you have dedicated yourself to a recovery programme. However, at facilities such as those offered by Addiction Advocates, a lot of your recovery programme may well be dedicated to

How to choose Rehab for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Published 14 May 2021, in
  • Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Choosing to withdraw and recover from a habit of drug and alcohol consumption is a significant step. If you’re at this stage of your addiction recovery journey, you should be proud of yourself, as both self-acknowledgement and acceptance of rehab are common obstacles. Within this direction, to recover, you’ll also need to make some small

May is Mental Health Awareness Month!

Published 11 May 2021, in
  • Mental Health

What is Mental Health Awareness Month? Mental Health Awareness Month runs between the  1st  May 2021 to 31st  May 2021. However during the week of the 10th to the 16th of May 2021 is it Mental Health Awareness Week. Over the course of this month, we will be outlining the importance of Mental Health, the

6 Tips To Tackle Night Time Anxiety

Published 7 May 2021, in
  • Mental Health

Across the United Kingdom, at least 5.9% of the population are thought to experience anxiety each week. Although anxiety can affect our lives at various times throughout the day, many individuals find that their anxiety heightens at night time, leaving them feeling increasingly anxious as they settle down for the night and attempt to sleep.

What We Know About The Mental Health Implications Of ‘Long COVID’

Published 30 April 2021, in
  • Mental Health

Over the last year, COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the lives of millions of people across the world. With at least 148,000,000 million cases of COVID-19 registered worldwide, the physical implications of ‘long COVID’ are discussed on a regular basis, especially as vaccinations begin to roll out. Although many argue that the physical

6 ways exercise can help relieve Stress and Anxiety

Published 23 April 2021, in
  • Mental Health

According to mental health charity Mind one in six people experience a mental health issue such as anxiety or depression during any given week, while stress can have a negative effect on anyone’s health and well-being. There are a number of different ways to relieve stress and anxiety. Techniques such as meditation, relaxation and mindfulness

The Role of Therapy in Addiction

Published 16 April 2021, in
  • Addiction Treatment

The ideas of expressing oneself, of sharing emotions and of opening up to unfamiliar people about personal problems with drugs and alcohol can all be daunting. On the surface, those actions are understandably hard to actively participate in, especially when considering the sensitivity of addiction. However, under the surface, those actions are necessary, to recover

Relapse Prevention Tips

Published 9 April 2021, in
  • Relapse Prevention

The greatest anxiety that most recovering addicts experience, on a post-rehab basis is the risk of relapse. Relapse can materialise in different forms, which is commonly associated with further drug and alcohol exposure and abuse. Through this outlook and fear, many individuals see relapse as the worst-case scenario, as an unravelling result of recovery this far. While of

Why should you attend an Addiction Rehab

Published 1 April 2021, in
  • Addiction Treatment

A lot of people can put off attending a professional drug and/or alcohol rehab in order to overcome a burgeoning or well-established addiction present in their life. Accepting that you have developed a serious problem with substance abuse or alcohol abuse can be a difficult moment in your life, but this all-important first step leads

How does Alcohol Treatment Work?

Published 26 March 2021, in
  • Alcohol

Overcoming alcoholism can be very tough, for a number of different reasons. Yet, with the guidance, reassurance and structure of quality alcohol treatment, the obstacles of detoxification, of rebuild and of relapse prevention can be eased. Naturally, alcohol detox will usually be linked with addiction recovery. Removing the build-up of alcohol, within the internal system

Withdrawal Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction

Published 19 March 2021, in
  • Cocaine

Cocaine is a broadly used recreational drug, with an unfortunate harmless image. Down to the mass adoption of both pure cocaine and crack cocaine, where it’s distribution and abuse has been normalised across generations, societies and demographics, it’s standpoint as an addictive drug has reduced. However, cocaine is still highly addictive, can be misused to a dangerous degree, and can cause a severe physical and psychological addiction if consumption is

Panic Attacks: Signs, Symptoms and Tips to Cope

Published 12 March 2021, in
  • Mental Health

In the United Kingdom, over 8 million individuals experience panic attacks on a frequent basis. Often emerging from anxiety-based mental health conditions, panic attacks typically arise when an individual encounters fear, danger or stress. Impairing the lives of adults and children alike, when left untreated, panic attacks can have intense ramifications on an individual’s physical