White Deer Run Rehab Review - Allenwood


White Deer Run of Allenwood is located in a peaceful and calming setting in the mountains of central Pennsylvania. The facility is located on 150 acres of land, and it is a dual rehab center for those with a drug or alcohol problem. Each patient must be 18 or older, and the treatment plan is tailor made to address the individual's needs, including underlying behavioral and mental issues. Any needed detox services are available at the center, and the program usually lasts for 28 days. 

Assessment and Treatment

The facility has a total of 264 beds, with women and men being housed in different residences.  Men and women also have separate groups to make it easier for them to speak about their issues. 

The program uses the principles of the 12-step program along with complementary therapies and recreational activities. Complementary treatments include cognitive behavioral therapy (also known as CBT), daily counseling, and group therapy. Beneficial recreational activities include art, yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, and hiking.

The facility understands the value of including families in the recovery process. They offer family programs on the weekend as well as outpatient counseling for the patient's loved ones. 


The staff includes a medical doctor, several registered nurses, and physician assistants. There are also psychiatrists, therapists, and certified addiction counselors. This ensures that each patient gets all of the medical and psychiatric care that they need. White Deer Run is licensed by the state of Pennsylvania. It is also accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, also known as CARF.


Alumni reviews of the facility are a mixture of positive and negative. Many former clients said the facility had a comfortable detox, daily schedule, and knowledgeable staff. Many of the staff members are recovering addicts themselves.  Pleased clients say that this is a good facility for those who are serious about recovery. They also say that the counselors do their best to keep clients happy, and help them deal with any problems that they are having. They also praised the facility for helping to place them somewhere after their 28 day stay.

The most common complaint from clients was that there wasn't enough personalized care. They said that the groups were too large, and that there wasn't enough one on one counseling. Some clients felt that the treatment was too generic, and other's didn't appreciate the program's "tough love type of counseling".

What Friends and Family Say

Friends and family had some of the same concerns as the clients. Some said that their loved ones received very little one on one counseling. They also said that there wasn't enough family programming. Some family members said that they had difficulty getting updates from the staff members.


According to White Deer Run's website, they accept many different private insurance plans.