White Deer Run of Blue Mountain Rehab Review

The beautiful woodlands of Pennsylvania make the perfect setting for a residential treatment center for those seeking recovery from addiction/dual diagnosis. While White Deer Run of Blue Mountain does not offer supervised detox, it does offer a safe and quiet environment for recovery. Located just six miles north of Kempton, which is approximately thirty miles from Allentown, The Blue Mountain facility is one of a handful of such centers run by the White Deer Run family. CRC Health, one of the countries largest providers of healthcare is the parenting organization.

Assessment and Treatment

Upon admission to White Deer Run, patients are given both physical and mental evaluations to better design a treatment program that suits their individual needs. Based on the traditional 12-step program, treatment also includes a combination of behavior therapies such as dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and motivational enhancement therapy (MET).

In addition to therapy, the program offers individual and group counseling sessions, meditation, recreational activities and addiction education. Family counseling and education is also offered to allow families as a whole to heal.

After the average stay of 24 days, which may vary as needed, patients join with staff to design an aftercare program to aid them on the successful road to recovery that follows discharge.

Staff Credentials

In addition to the twice-weekly visits by a staff physician, psychiatrist and program director, the round-the-clock staff includes Master's level therapists, certified addiction counselors and physicians who specialize in addictions. All staff members are trained in the special needs of treating addictions.

The Facility

White Deer Run is located on a spacious seven acres in the heart of the Blue Mountains. Many recreational activities are available on this land, close to the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. Serenity is a word that describes the area well. The facility itself is limited to twenty beds, giving individuals more chance for one-on-one treatment. At the time of this writing, there were only six individuals residing here. Asked for their opinion, they gave White Deer run 4.5 out of five stars.

What Alumni Say

Rehabs.com has only five reviews by former patients, but four of the five were extremely satisfied with the treatment they received. The fifth resident did not believe there was enough individual attention given, but this was not a complaint of the other four, who gave the facility a combination of four and five stars. The typical review included such statements as: "Great environment!", "I learned a lot about sobriety." and "Wonderful experience." 

What Friends and Family Say

Only one family member was interviewed on Rehab.com and she was not thrilled with the program, although she did mention its "peaceful, isolated setting". Her daughter relapsed shortly after leaving the program and this family member believes it is because her daughter's underlying psychiatric disorder was not fully addressed during her time at the facility.


White Deer Run accepts a wide variety of personal insurance plans. Among these are Blue Cross, Aetna and Cigna.