Valium Abuse Intervention Services 

Diazepam is a medication more commonly known as Valium. The medicine can effectively treat anxiety as well as withdrawal from alcohol. Used incorrectly, Valium can be quite dangerous as developing an addiction to it is fairly common. The majority of the calls we receive requesting an intervention are for Valium addicts. However, in most cases an intervention will not be performed if Valium is the only drug an individual is addicted to. Yet in most cases where Valium is being abused, the addict is either abusing alcohol as well or has become dependent on the Valium. Though it is a controlled substance, it is often obtained by those who are prone to drug addictions. When performing an intervention on someone addicted to both alcohol and Valium, it often proves to be a more difficult task than performing an intervention for someone addicted to crack or heroin. 

Valium Addiction Intervention

Mixing Valium with other opiates, as well as alcohol, can be a very dangerous combination. When meetings are conducted with the loved ones of a Valium addict, many families report that the addict has been flirting with death by using any combination of alcohol and opiates. Overdose risks are higher than they would be with other types of drugs. In most cases, during the intervention a Valium addict is impaired as far as their motor abilities and state of mind. They may not be able to complete sentences or may slur when they speak. It is also not unusual for them to fall asleep at the intervention. Any intervention performed on a Valium addict should be performed before the addiction has progressed to a later stage. Since doctors prescribe Valium many addicts don't feel they are doing anything wrong by taking it as much as they do. During the typical intervention the addict will deny that they have a problem, yet their family will insist that they do. Without the help of an interventionist an addict is not likely to see the error of their ways. 

Programs For Valium Interventions

There would be no need for treatment and intervention centers if everyone who was prescribed Valium used it correctly. However, this has never been the case and likely never will be. Valium addictions are more common than most people realize, yet this addiction can be extremely dangerous and hazardous to one's health. Those addicted to Valium are much more likely to be involved in some kind of accident than those who aren't addicted to it. Many of these accidents occur because an addiction to Valium can very easily cause an addict's motor skills to slow down considerably. This is something that has always been associated with abusing Valium. Our Valium intervention program receives many calls from families when their loved one has already become so addicted to the drug that it may be too late to save them. Waiting too long to call us more often than not results in extreme difficulty in convincing the addict they have a problem. The more addicted one is to Valium the more important it is for them to be seen by a counselor trained in Valium addiction.