Turning Point Rehab Center Review

Located in Sandy, Utah and sitting on more than 600 acres, Turning Point Centers offers extensive treatment options for men and women, including residential treatment, day treatment, and outpatient programs. The center is equipped to treat not only addiction but co-occurring mental health disorders. 

Turning Point Centers accepts insurance. The center is in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, United, Value Options, and Cigna as well as others.

Addiction Treatment at Turning Point Centers

Turning Point Centers’ treatment does not feature a 12-step program. While they support AA as a treatment modality if patients choose it, Turning Point Centers staff views addiction as a disease of the mind not a result of the addict’s relationship with a higher power. 

Instead, Turning Point Centers staff relies primarily on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), with an emphasis on treating coexisting disorders. Residents participate in one-on-one therapeutic sessions two to three times per week. Once a week, each residents meets with a physician. Medical detox is not currently available on site.

Additional services offered by Turning Point Centers include family and relationship education programs (including a weekly family therapy night), relapse prevention skills, health and nutrition workshops, and anger management education.

Lifetime aftercare is available to all residents.

Accommodations and Amenities

Turning Point Center is an attractive facility situated on beautiful and spacious grounds. It accommodates up to 24 clients at a time. Four of those beds are private. Available for client use are gym, a racquetball court, a basketball court, a ropes course, drumming and art therapy. 

Reviews and What We Think

Reviews of Turning Point Center are mixed, ranging from underwhelming experiences with staff and the food to positive and appreciate reviews saying the treatment experience was valuable. Family members have reported the family counseling useful and enjoyable. Other reviewers bashed Turning Point Center for not supporting AA or for the additional costs of drug testing, which were said to not be included in the cost or covered by insurance. Still another positive review stated that the healthy food and focus on exercise helped the person loose weight while receiving professional, engaging and caring one-on-one treatment.

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