The River Source Rehab Overview

The River Source of Arizona is located just 20 minutes east of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, in Mesa, AZ.  The River Source provides residential drug rehab and alcohol addiction treatment in Arizona.  They focus on Men and women alike, although they have separate living quarters. They are well staffed and offer on-site medical detox as well as the ability to work with dual-diagnosis treatment.  The length of stay at The River Source is from 30-90 days, however, longer stays are available for residents that require more work on their addiction.  The center also offers outpatient rehab in Arizona for those looking for IOP. 

Addiction Treatment at The River Source

The centers owned by The River Source (2) are not super large.  They keep the population down to a more manageable level to enable staff and residence to build a bond and get more one on one time with each other. This allows for truly personalized care.  Therapeutic actives include one-on-one counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, process groups, and neurofeedback.  The River Source is a 12 step rehab center.  Clients are taken to off-site 12-step meetings and are highly encouraged to get sponsors and become active in the recovery community.

The River Source is a holistic rehab center, meaning they work with the mind, body, and spirit to get everything aligned for success.  This is done through activities such as yoga, massage therapy, and acupuncture.  They also offer naturopathic treatments like infrared sauna sessions, hydrotherapy, b-12 shots, and nutria IV therapy.  Family counseling is always arranged to help the family be more supportive of the resident and learn how to have a meaningful, healthy relationship.  These sessions can be done in person or over the phone.

Accommodations & Amenities

The River Source main center in Mesa, AZ is a craftsman-style home in an historic part of town.  This 35 bed facility offer semi-private rooms for residence as well as a dining hall, library, and comfortable common lounge with couches, chairs and a beautiful brick fireplace.  The desert landscape gives a beautiful backdrop for the day by day events for residence.

Cell phones and laptops are allowed on campus, however, they are not allowed to be used for the first week, while in treatment.  After this time, they are allowed during designated times.  This helps residence maintain their focus on themselves.  There is also an offsite gym available to all residence.

Reviews and What We Think

Let us start by saying, this is a cost effective Arizona treatment center.  This is not a Malibu luxury center.  This center focuses on getting people sober that don’t come from means, or have in-network only insurance.  Because of this, some people online were not happy with the facility.   Some leaving after just 48 hours.  We have toured this facility, personally, and can tell you, it is middle of the road.  There are much worse centers in Arizona run by the state.  We love The River Source for everything they do for the community and helping those in need.  They are a perfect, affordable, center for those ready to do the work and change their life.  If you are looking for 5 star dinning and accommodation, this is not the center. However, if you don’t have $45,000 to spend on treatment, we would recommend learning more about The River Source.