Right Step Rehab Overview

With over 20 addiction treatment centers in Texas, The Right Step has built an empire of treatment options.  Its facility in Fort Worth, aptly named “Dallas Central”, offers both Intensive Out-Patient (IOP) and Residential / Inpatient treatment. This center also works with people suffer from co-occurring disorders and provides quality dual-diagnosis addiction treatment. The “Dallas Central” facility of Right Step has two very focused programs within this center.  The first is, “The Relativity”, a women only treatment center that focuses not only on drug rehab and alcohol addiction treatment, but also intimacy disorders.  The second program is specifically designed for teens 13 to 18 years of ate.  This single facility also has on-site detox capabilities. 

Addiction Treatment at The Right Step Rehab Centers

According to their website, The Right Step centers view addiction as a brain disease.  Because of this, they focus on a very holistic style of treatment.  The Right Step Rehab Centers focuses on treatment from a physical, mental, and spiritual method.  Although The Right Step centers are 12-step treatment based programs, they find a way to bring unique treatment modalities to the forefront of their treatment.  “The Daring Way” is a shame resilience curriculum, “BrainPaint” which is a noninvasive neurofeedback treatment, and “Positive Recovery” which uses meditations along with exercises to train residence battling addiction to think more positively.

Although The Right Step Rehab uses more technology and evidence based treatment, they still stick with the core of true recovery. Residence are also given individual therapy times, group therapy sessions, collaborative problem-solving, nutritional and spiritual guidance, educational groups, family groups, and Fitness activities.

The Center and Living Situation

It was hard to find a lot of details on the living situation at The Right Step in Fort Worth.  We can tell you that men and women live in separate dorms.  They do offer some great off-site activities, including Movies, Museums, Laser Tag, Bowling, and Roller Skating. 

The Right Step Rehab Review

Our take, from what we can see online, is that like most Promise owned centers, the staff here are the attraction.  The reviews we read continued to praise the quality staff and the care they put into their treatment.  As with most centers, the cost was the most negatively mentioned item.  However, The Right Step works with most major private insurance companies.  So if you have private insurance, this may be the place for you. 

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