The Recovery Village Rehab Review

Located in a little central Florida city called Umatilla, The Recovery Village is a treatment center. This rehabilitation center provides residential treatment for women and men who struggle with eating disorders or substance abuse. Dual diagnosis treatment and medical detoxification services are offered on-site to deal with co-occurring mental health disorders. Clients visit from all over the country for rehabilitation treatment at the primary facility for Recovery Village, located in Umatilla. Other treatment facilities are available in California, Washington, and Florida.

Assessment and Treatment

The first step of the intake process is for the client to undergo a complete biopsychosocial evaluation. Next, detoxification follows, and then the patient usually goes through up to 45 days of residential or day treatment, followed by ongoing outpatient treatment. When needed, transitional living is offered, in addition to individualized aftercare. Patients who require it can get medically assisted therapy.

The Recover Center uses a program that blends experiential therapies with evidence-based treatment methods to promote progress toward holistic health. Day-to-day treatment focuses on combining group, individual, and educational sessions that may include innovative treatment methods, such as dialectical behavior therapy, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation, 12-step meetings, equine therapy, gender-specific treatment, nutritional counseling, and fitness treatments.

Therapy sessions cover a variety of topics that are essential for recovery, including grief, trauma, relationships, assertiveness, and smoking cessation. The family is encouraged to visit and participate in the treatment process; however, phone sessions are also available for families who are unable to make it to the facility.

Treatment Staff Credentials

The treatment team consists of well-qualified licensed addiction counselors and medical professionals. Board certification in forensic and general psychiatry, as well as master’s level social work degrees,  are some of the credentials for the treatment staff. The majority of the leaders have over twenty years of experience in the field of behavioral health service. Many employees are in recovery, which gives them a unique perspective and the ability to relate to clients.

Amenities and Accommodations

Staff members help clients arrange a safe journey to the treatment facility. Located just outside the Ocala National Forest, the Umatilla facility is near Daytona Beach, Orlando, and the Villages.

Clients can venture outside to enjoy trees, small ponds, courtyard meeting areas, meditation spaces, the basketball hoop, and a pool. The inside of the treatment center contains shared rooms and well-furnished lounges where clients can gather. Chef-prepared meals are available, and the massage services help keep clients relaxed. Martial arts classes and the gym let clients stay in shape and maintain clear minds.

The website for The Recovery Center states that the treatment center is capable of accommodating the majority of needs for clients with disabilities.

Alumni Give Their Opinions About the Treatment Center

There are approximately 25 reviews about this treatment center on, and there's about a fifty-fifty split between positive and negative reviews. One of the more balanced reviews is from N.C., who states “The food is good but restricted."The review goes on to say, "Some staff is amazing; some not so much... The place isn’t dirty, but it’s not luxury by any means.” Many of the reviewers often complimented the empathy and accessibility exhibited by the staff. On the other hand, one of the more frequent complaints involved disorganization and inadequate dual diagnosis treatments.

Every one of the five alumni who were surveyed by stated that they would recommend the treatment center and that it's worth the price tag. They all gave good ratings in regards to metrics that rated accommodations, holistic treatment methods, and the experience level of the staff. Meanwhile, the treatment center's policy that deals with contact with people outside the facility earned three out of five stars, which is the lowest rating for this facility.

Aaron and James are two alumni who spoke highly of the strict program, discussing it as a necessity. Aaron stated, “The time I spent at TRV was some of the most rewarding and painstaking work I’ve ever done." Aaron continues to say, "It wasn’t easy and there were times I wanted to give up and thought very ill of their methods... but in the end it was apparent I got what I needed.” T.Q. and an alum who attended an affiliated treatment center in the city of Orlando said that the program was too restrictive.

Family and Friends Speak About the Facility surveyed five loved ones, while family members and friends wrote reviews explaining their opinions of the treatment center. Glancing at these reviews reveals a trend of mediocre ratings when discussing family participation, counseling options, nutrition, and connectivity. However, reviewers spoke highly of the staff, mentioning that they're helpful and caring.

Two parents who were discussing the Orlando treatment center mentioned that it didn't provide the level of communication that it had promised.

Staff Opinions Regarding the Facility

Brian, who used to work at the facility, wrote “I am a former nurse...the clients run the roost…and the inexperienced staff cannot control.” Two other employees talked about how the service environment and workplace had a chaotic atmosphere.

Financing Options

The Recovery Village accepts most private insurance plans. This treatment

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