Twelve Oaks Recovery Review

This scenic recovery and rehab center is located on the coast of the beautiful Navarre, Fla. and provides a high end facility in which patients can recover in peace. For over 30 years, Twelve Oaks has catered to the treatment of substance abuse and currently a wide range of programs for both adult men and women are offered. On site detox, partial hospitalization for those in great need, intensive outpatient treatment, and residential treatment programs are all offered through Twelve Oaks. The program not only helps those struggling with substance abuse and addiction, but with PTSD, chronic pain, and more especially those that want to use Christian Faith as a pillar of their recovery.

Treatment and Assessment

Residential Treatment Program: the program generally lasts for a span of 28 days but duration may vary dependent on the individual needs of the patient. Upon admission to the residential program, residents are assigned a primary counselor that will oversee and create an individual recovery plan.

Types of Treatment: Twelve Oaks combines behavioral therapy with a 12 step group, process groups, lectures to educate participants, holistic activities along the lines of yoga and relapse prevention programs as well as continuing care plans for after they are released from the program. Families are encouraged to participate in the healing process and treatment process that is provided through the program.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment: those that are admitted to this program are allowed to continue with their normal day to day routine and are instead provided with the tools that they need to recover on their own. The program includes eight weeks with three meeting days per week. The IOP program includes a personalized and specifically tailored treatment, groups therapy, awareness training, and continuing care plan that has been individualized for each patient.

Staff Credentials

The highly trained staff at Twelve Oaks includes an MD, registered nurse, social workers highly trained and skilled in the field, therapists, and certified professionals in the field of addiction and addiction therapy.


The facility is a 102 bed building set on five acres of property that is situated near the beach. The facility is modern and clean for optimal focus and recovery.

What Alumni Say

The facility is geared toward healing with a definite leaning toward the Christian faith so those that are atheist or of another religion may not find the facility helpful. Those that have stayed through the program note that the facility is clean and comfortable and that the staff was well trained and dedicated to what they do. They also noted that the other patients were encouraging and that the group atmosphere helped aid their healing process.

The beachside location is quiet and tranquil and the staff are focused on helping each patient reach their personal recovery goals. Overall, this seems to be a program that can helpyou if you let it.

What Friends and Family Say

Friends and family say that Twelve Oaks provides a place that is not going to give up on you unless you are not willing to heal. They stated that though the program was pricey, it did provide some healing for their family. Another family member noted that there was a lack of one on one treatment and therapy.

What the Staff Say

Those staff members that were asked stated that the other staff were caring, that the overall campus was incredible and that the weather was fantastic as well.


According to the facility Tricare is accepted as well as various private insurances. Some that are accepted are Aetna, Cigna, Humana and even Blue Cross Blue Shield.