The Meadows Arizona Review

The Meadows Treatment Center is located in The Sonoran Desert of Arizona.  This 14 acre Arizona rehab center is focused on trauma and addiction.  They treat a variety of mental illness including drug rehabilitation, alcohol addiction treatment, Panic and anxiety disorders, PTSD, gambling addiction, depression, and eating disorders.  They also offer an onsite medical detox.

Addiction Treatment at The Meadows

Like most addiction centers in Arizona, The Meadows starts all treatment residence with an very thorough assessment.  This is used to create an individualized treatment plan based on each individual need. 

The Meadows works a 12-step recovery program. However, they also use their own, “Signature Meadows Model”. This model helps the user residence identify when a trigger to use is activated.  Alongside this they provide a psychoeduction so patients understand their moods and are able to manage them to increase their ability to withstand the urge to use.

This Wickenburg, AZ center also offers traditional therapy sessions in one-on-one settings as well as groups.  In conjunction with this they use specialist therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, and somatic experience.  The on-site brain center offers neurofeedback, cranial electrostimulation, and biofeedback.

Families are invited to attend a full week, intensive, family program.  This helps families understand what their loved one has gone through and how they can be there to offer productive, healthy help in the coming years.

Accommodations & Amenities

The Meadows houses up to 82 people in their sprawling campus.  The center has some beautifully maintained grounds, a large pool, and onsite gym.  They also provide residence with lounge areas to relax and reflect on their day’s work.  The rooms are shared rooms, however, unlike other Arizona centers, there are no chores.  Each room has housekeeping service daily.

Reviews and What We Think

The Meadows of Wickenburg received mixed reviews.  Overall, they are a 4 out of 5-star facility.  While reading the online reviews, we did see a lot about the lack of aftercare.  As aftercare is one of the most important parts for long-term sobriety, we highly recommend you work with you Advocate when you are planning with Meadows.  We can help you ensure you have a quality plan of action when you return home. 

A lot of reviews, however, LOVE The Meadows.  Most talk about the highly medically trained staff, and the beautiful accommodations.  We also noticed a lot of people reviewing the center a year later, still sober.  To us, that is the best compliment any center can get.