Sober Living by the Sea Rehab Review

Located mainly in the Newport Beach area, Sober Living by the Sea started out in 1986 when it was founded by Carl and Barbara Mosen. This rehabilitation center was purchased by the CRC Health group twenty years later and now consists of several rehab centers and sober living homes throughout the area.

Accommodations and Food

Sober Living by the Sea facilities are mainly separated by gender. The one co-ed facility, Sunrise Recovery Ranch, houses thirty people at a time. This is the largest facility. There are three others. The Landing has room for ten men and both the Rose and the Victorian each house six women. This low count is meant to allow for a small staff to patient ratio for more individualized attention.

The Landing is directly on the beach and decor is typical California. Each person has a roommate. The food is prepared by a chef and consists mainly of fish and vegetables to facilitate a healthy brain.

The women's facilities also offer food prepared by chefs that facilitate both a healthy mind and a healthy body. The facilities are designed for different purposes. The Rose caters to drug and alcohol rehab and the Victorian focuses on eating disorders.

The Sunrise Ranch offers six bedrooms and is located in a quiet mountain location. Those in the facility enjoy food prepared by an international chef served in a family dining style. This facility offers a patio, barn and swimming pool and offers a great deal of natural light to help elevate moods.


Men at the Landing attend a 12-step program that is outside the facility and daily counseling sessions. Focus is also given on trauma counseling and sessions can be more than once a week if the need exists.

The women at Rose and Victorian also receive a 12-step program. They also offer individual counseling daily and counseling for food disorders where needed. In addition to this, women receive groups on codependency, trauma and relapse prevention.

The program at Sunrise Ranch is more intense. This is the only facility that offers on-site detox. The residents attend off-site meetings at AA and their focus groups are conducted by gender. The men focus more on anger management and the women on issues involving self-esteem and self-knowledge. The day starts at 6:30 with chores, meditation and yoga. Family therapy and individual counseling are included for everyone and is faith-based.

Most programs are 30 days long, but the Rose attendees stay for 60 days. All programs, however, suggest those who complete the program continue in one of their many halfway houses for another month or two. 


While incidentals are extra, some time is included in the daily schedules for leisure activities like the weekly Starbucks trip at the Rose, as well as Pilates and a chiropractic session three times a week. All facilities include alternative therapies in their schedules. These include tai chi, Kung Fu and yoga. daily gym trips, kayaking, surfing, swimming and hiking are some of the activities residents have an opportunity to enjoy.

In Summary

Sober Living by the Sea offers top-line therapists and small groups that help give individuals one-on-one attention. Their locations offer serene environments that help relax the residents. Treatment options are varied, allowing for a variety of paths to explore in order to find the one that works best for each individual. The care given to food and activities is a small indication of the quality of care offered to those who seek help.