Sierra Tucson Treatment Center Overview

Sierra Tucson Rehab Center is located in Tucson, Arizona.  Technically it’s at the base of the Santa Catalina Mountains about 45 minutes north of Tucson, AZ, which provides breath taking views of the landscape around it.  Sierra Tucson is an upscale, globally known addiction treatment center in Arizona.  Sierra Tucson is licensed as both a Special Hospital and Behavioral Health Residential Treatment Center.  This means they offer inpatient drug and alcohol rehab as well as Eating disorder treatment.  As they are licenses as a Special Hospital, they are very well known for taking patients with co-occurring disorders.  This means they can handle individuals with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and codependency.  They also offer an on-site medical detox program as well. 

Addiction Treatment at Sierra Tucson Rehab Center

Sierra Tucson is a 12-step based treatment program.  They also provide clients with holistic and evidence-based rehab services.  They focus a lot of time on individual and group therapy which we like about Sierra Tucson.  They also offer therapies in eye movement desensitization and reprocessing as well and dialectical behavior therapy.

Although we view Sierra Tucson as a luxury rehab center, you will not find yourself bored, or laying around all day.  This center offers real treatment designed for people that want to learn how to overcome their addiction and move forward in life.  Because of this, clients have full days starting at 6:45 AM for breakfast with the remainder of the day focused on working through their addiction which ends at about 9:00 PM.   Although there is a lot of internal work done at Sierra Tucson, there are great activities to help clients relax as well.  Sierra Tucson offers mindfulness practices like yoga, meditation, and acupuncture.  They also have recreational resources available to clients such as equine-assisted therapy.

Family Treatment

Sierra Tucson has a very intensive piece to their family program.  They offer Family Week, which is a four day program that starts Monday and goes through Thursday.  Families are welcomed into the center where they are led by family therapists.  This time is spent with the family to help them learn how to provide a proper, healthy, support system to their loved ones. 

Aftercare at Sierra Tucson is large we reason we love this center.  Aftercare is where most centers fall short.  Not at Sierra Tucson.  Here, you are provided with a full year of personalized recovery support.  This costs you nothing as is included in your program.  This programs helps clients successfully transition back to life with the tools they need, and helps them overcome obstacles they didn’t encounter while at the center.  

Accommodations & Amenities

Sierra Tucson offers some top quality accommodations for their clients.  The building is adobe-style to fit in with the native American culture in Arizona.  Residents share very elegant double rooms while the campus itself offering a swimming pool, climbing wall, rope course, yoga studio and an amazingly beautiful trails to walk and hike.   

Reviews and What We Think

We went through all of the reviews online to get an understanding of people’s feelings.  The one negative we continued to see was the cost.  At over $45,000 for 30 days, they are not cheap, by any means.  However, they do work with insurance companies if you have out of network benefits, which can help cover a lot of that cost.  On the good note, in the industry, their program has a very good reputation for helping people that can afford it.  If you are in the center, willing to work on yourself and the addiction you have, they will be by your side to teach you how.  Like any center, if you don’t want it and are looking for reasons not to do the work, you will not do well.  Approach Sierra Tucson with an open mind for a better life, and you will get it.  4 out of 5 stars from us.