Resurgence Behavioral Health of California Review

Resurgence Behavioral Health is a southern California rehabilitation center for addiction to drugs and alcohol. They offer detox, residential treatment, PHP, and IOP levels of care. They do this through a privately owned home in Costa Mesa, CA.  This provides great secruity and confidentiality within their program.

Resurgence Rehab Treatments

Resurgence Behavioral Health provides a higher than normal number of one-on-one sessions with addiction therapists. This was the first bit of information that intrigued us. They also offer EMDR and CBT therapies to help treat the source of the addiction rather than just the addiction itself. Resurgence also has two tracks to approach recovery. 

First, they offer a 12-step program, which follows that 12 steps from NA and AA. Second, they offer an evidence based program that focuses on the holistic side of healing the mind, body, and spirit. At The Addiction Advocates, we believe that using both methods provides the highest value.  


Resurgence Behavioral Health is a residential addiction facility.  This means that they operate the business from a prviate residence.  The home is nicely appointed with comfortable beds, and the space provided to each client is above the industry average.  This made for a more relaxed feel when we viewed the facility. 

The grounds themselves provided a nice outdoor area as well.  It is clear the Resurgence believes that a person needs time outside and a space to reflect on the work they are doing on themselves. They allow smoking in the outdoor area as well. 


The cash pay price for Resurgence California is roughly $16,500 and is based on need of the patient.  They also accept PPO insurance from almost all insurance companies.  If your insurance won't cover the entire stay, they will work out a payment plan with clients to help get them into recovery, showcasing they are in the business for the right reason.