The Raleigh House of Hope Overview

Outside of Denver in the community of Arvada, CO you will find The Raleigh House.  The Raleigh House offer 90-day addiction treatment programs which include outpatient servers.  They service adults who are trapped in the battle of addiction and those suffering with co-occurring or dual-diagnosis issues.  The program mixes evidence-based rehab along with 12-step principles, to help residence overcome their addiction.  They also use holistic treatments and recreational activates that promote the health of their residence.  This is the core to long-term success. 

Addiction Treatment at The Raleigh House

Once a patient is accepted into the program, they undergo a psychiatric, substance abuse, and nutrition assessment.  If needed, the client will be put on medication to assist in their detox.  The Raleigh House is a 12-step based treatment center.  Although, they understand the 12-step program isn’t for everyone.  This is why they offer alternative support groups, other than a 12-step program.  In addition to these two groups, there is a lot of one-on-one therapy sessions as well as group sessions, and life skills training. 

Unlike a lot of other centers, The Raleigh House promotes healthy lifestyles by emphasizing recreation and leisure activities.  These activities include indoor rock climbing, boxing, CrossFit, and yoga.  Clients of The Raleigh House also have the opportunity to help in the Denver community through charities and other services. 

What you fuel your body with matters.  As a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, The Raleigh House uses nutrition as an integral part of treatment.  Residence enjoy a customized meal plan, which can be modified to accommodate gluten free or vegetarian. 

Accommodations & Amenities

The Raleigh House treatment centers are made of three high-end homes in Arvada. The rooms are shared and are well decorated to invite a feeling of home and calm.  Because of its location in Colorado, there are many outdoor activities to enjoy.  Including Hiking, skiing, and swimming.  Clients also have access to a fitness center with weight training, sauna, and hot tub. 

Reviews and What We Think

We were not able to find as many reviews on this center as many other Colorado Rehab centers.  However, what we were able to find is mostly positive.  The most important part of any review is the effectiveness of the treatment, which seems to be good.  “Great program” and “Great Doctors” were on several reviews we read.  One focus we enjoyed was the patient to staff ratio, which ensures a patient doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. 

If you would like to learn more about finding rehab in Colorado, please give us a call.  Advocates are standing by to discuss your situation and make a recommendation, free of charge.