Understanding Spice Addiction

Published 1 December 2023, in
  • Other Drugs

Spice is a synthetic cannabinoid, also known as synthetic marijuana. The drug is produced from psychoactive chemicals that are sprayed onto plant material and sold as a drug that mimics the effects of THC (the active compound in marijuana). Although it is not widely understood, spice can be much more potent and dangerous than cannabis

What Does Heroin Look Like?

Published 24 November 2023, in
  • Heroin

Heroin typically appears as a fine, white, or brownish powder, although its colour can vary depending on its purity and the substances it is combined with. Knowing what heroin looks like and the signs of heroin abuse can be beneficial – learn more about what heroin looks like here. Different Types of Heroin Heroin can

Is Co Codamol Addictive?

Published 17 November 2023, in
  • Drug

When most people think of drug addiction, they probably picture illegal drugs such as cocaine or heroin. Medicines including painkillers can also be addictive, however, whether they are sourced illegally and used recreationally or legitimately prescribed. There has been what is often described as an ‘epidemic’ of painkiller misuse in the US and, while the

Help for Families of Addicts: What Support Is Available?

Published 10 November 2023, in
  • Family Intervention

Addiction is a destructive force that can permanently change lives. There are many routes to recovery but most recovery journeys include a visit to a drug or alcohol rehab, where a person can get the help they need. Recovery is not something that happens alone. Friends and, perhaps more importantly, family are key aspects of