Promises Malibu Review

A well known treatment center in Malibu, Promises of Malibu is a truly breathtaking facility. Typically known for catering to celebrities and CEOs, for its luxurious setting, and for offering of 5-star resort style amenities, Promises Malibu has been delivering care for years.

Promises of Malibu offers some of the most luxurious amenities for any treatment center in Malibu. Promises wants their patients to feel at home and 100% comfortable so they can focus on the reason they are there: treatment.

The facilities of Promises Malibu is divided into six luxury houses which cater to no more than six patients each.  Each house has amazing amenities like those that are found at The Ritz Carlton. From incredibly soft bed linens to high end decor, your stay will be in rich comfort.


The luxurious appointment of Promises Malibu is only surpassed by the level of care provided to each resident. Upon arrival, each patient is provided with their own treatment team. This team includes a primary therapist, a family therapist, a medical doctor, a psychiatrist, and (if you want to pay extra) a massage therapist.   

Promises Malibu is also led by CEO Dr. David Sack. The person who runs the facility and mandates treatment programs is an actual doctor, not just a business man out for the all mighty dollar. 

Finally, they take treatment seriously. There are treatment centers that feel they have done their job once you leave the facility. Not Promises Malibu. Dr. Sack knows that aftercare is the key to long-term sobriety. This is why the program provides each patient with a very thorough aftercare program. This program leverages other alumni of the program and is very detailed to help the patient remain sober.  


Promises Malibu costs vary depending on living arrangement. For a shared room, a 30-day program is $55,000. A private room with a shared bathroom costs $75,000 and the top of the line, private suit will run a cool $90,000.  

A little outside of your price range?  No problem, Promises Malibu accepts insurance and will work with many healthcare lending companies to help cover the cost.  

All in all, Promises Malibu is an amazing facility in a tranquil setting that helps clients to ensure sobriety. However, it may be out the price range for most people in the country.  

To contact Promises Malibu, call the number below to be directly connected with their admissions team. 

*The Addiction Advocates have no affiliation with Promises Malibu or Elements Behavioral Health.