Pinnacle Peak Recovery Center, Scottsdale AZ

Scottsdale, AZ offers the highest class of rehab center in Pinnacle Peak Recovery. The center offers both inpatient and outpatient services for individuals who are seeking to fight dependence on alcohol or drugs. Not simply a detox center, Pinnacle Peak also treats patients for the co-occurring mental illnesses that so often accompany addiction.

The Pinnacle Peak program is based on nationally approved programs that have shown to work. They believe that recovery involves the entire family and offer Family Programs in addition to their Recovery Programs. They also make a point of being here for you after your recovery program ends. The Alumni Program gives you that support should you find yourself in need throughout the rest of your life. 

Pinnacle Peak Treatment

They believe you can't fight an addiction unless the underlying causes are addressed. To this means, they offer behavior modification therapies that teach appropriate handling of emotions and proper choice making behaviors. Trauma is addressed by using the gentlest method available to facilitate desensitization to the triggers. Medication is also utilized if a mental health condition is evident.

Their program is based on the twelve-step programs but they also offer additional therapy including equine therapy, group and individual counseling, yoga, artistic expression and various other activities designed to alleviate stress and give you other outlets for expressing and dealing with emotions. They strongly encourage those who finish the program to continue counseling on an outpatient basis. This helps strengthen the things you have learned and helps you get through those difficult first weeks or months after detox.

The Facility

Pinnacle Peak is a small facility with only 32 beds. This enables them to provide many amenities unavailable in some other Arizona rehab centers.  Guests have their own rooms to allow for privacy and communal areas for socializing. A pool is available as are whirlpool-like tubs. While in inpatient treatment, you will also have full use of an LA Fitness gym. The wilderness program allows you time for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Their Staff

They employ staff with the highest credentials, whether they be doctors, counselors, or case managers. When you place the recovery of your loved ones in their hands you know they are safe and using the latest treatment methods available.

Praise From Families and Alumni

Those who have gone through the Pinnacle Peak program have shared their joy at getting their lives back. Many have reunited with families and gone onto careers. Family members have expressed thanks in being able to once again enjoy the company of loved ones. Some have credited the family counseling aspects of the program with helping change the dynamics within the whole family, making it stronger.


In addition to private insurance plans, they offer up to sixty percent financial assistance for those who qualify. They don't want finances to prevent you from recovering the life you were meant to live. 

Out Thoughts

As advocates for recovery, we love Pinnacle Peak.  They have grown very quickly into one of the premier treatment centers in Arizona.  They did this through their quality program and beautiful facilities. As we read through reviews, several people mentioned that they enjoyed the smaller group therapy that is offered at Pinnacle Peak. Saying, "Each group only has, give or take, 8 people in them instead of every single client in one room together. I noticed and felt everyone had the chance to talk and heal and no one could go unnoticed or just "coast" through".  This is very important to us to hear as group therapy is a very large part of recovery.  Finally, many reviews bring up the caring staff. That the staff truly listened to them and provided them with the level of care and understanding that they needed to start their recovery process.  

We give Pinnacle Peak Recovery a 5 out of 5 star review for their recovery program, amazing amenities, and caring staff.  We would recommend this center to anyone seeking treatment.  You can call them at the number below.